Villa Weeks 48 & 49

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 27 Feb 2021 23:57

Weeks Forty-Eight and Nine at Sleeping Indian


Sunday the 14th. I have absolutely no idea why I have a picture of my boiled eggs and none for Bear… The day passed in the blink of an eye and we settled to supper of salad for me and roast for Bear. As we were munching I suddenly remembered that it was our 25th Valentine’s Day, a quick nip to the back of the fridge to collect the pink prosecco deposited for this very event.

Monday the 15th. Bear took the trolley to Jazz’s spare chippings pile (twice) and we put a tilth in front of the hutch and air cons. Later when we looked it seemed as if it always looked like that. Just top coats on the hutch and the lid to access the various pipes.

Tuesday the 16th. Housework for me and odd jobs for Bear.

Wednesday the 17th. A nice man came to see Beez but he is not ready to jump up from his 28-footer yet. 

Thursday the 18th. Half five this morning and the heaviest rain we have had in ages but we were blessed with a double rainbow. The rest of the day passed with so many showers that we pottered indoors.

Friday the 19th.  Bear settled to sorting screws, nails and tidying his garage shelves, I’m saying nothing about ‘stuff’ or……… Bob and Bev popped in to say farewell, it was nice to stop for a beer and a chat and to wish them safe onward travels.


Saturday the 20th. To end this very windy wet week, we have had the sad loss of a much loved Matron who gave her life looking after the sick. Also a sixty-eight year old gentleman. Numbers, the last three days have seen 38, 42 and 50 new cases. The first island vaccines are being given to essential workers. Stay safe everyone xx xx   


Sunday the 21st. A new week begins in a familiar way. My lovelies and a grand egg event for Bear.

Monday the 22nd. Coat of varnish on Beez office door and some pottering.

Tuesday the 23rd. Booked our flights home, we land on the 30th of May – YEHAA, at last we can look forward to seeing family and friends. Relieved doesn’t cover it.        …….

Wednesday the 24th. We borrowed Sharmone’s car to go and pay our Land Tax then did a massive shop to last until the end of March, save for nipping out locally for milk and fresh bits.   ……………..

Thursday the 25th.         ………………….

Friday the 26th. I set to chopping, cooking and freezing, by days end Bear had twelve portions of chicken stew, six spag bol, six carbonara and six tuna pasta bake, I had backache……Bear spent the day pottering at the front and the hugest step of all was that he packed away the trestles that have been in place on the drive for months and months. A ‘Before’ and although we swept the leaves three or four times each we still managed to have a few in the ‘After’. We registered for our vaccines.

Saturday the 27th. Last week and this week, sadly three more deaths, 78 new cases and a jump in hospitalised people. Stay Safe xx xx