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Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 15 Aug 2011 22:53
Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginia


Pentagon City skyline



Pentagon City is less than a mile from the Potomac River, which separates the Commonwealth of Virginia from Washington, D.C. It is on the Blue and Yellow Lines of the Washington Metro, and the Pentagon City Metro station is one of the busiest in the metrorail system during peak and off-peak hours. It is also one of the few metro stations to have SmarTrip-only lanes.

The Pentagon has parking lots on both sides of nearby Shirley Memorial Highway (I-395), on the North edge of Pentagon City. The neighbourhood of Crystal City borders Pentagon City to the East along Jefferson Davis Highway (U.S. Route 1), separating Pentagon City from National Airport. To the South is the neighborhood of Aurora Highlands and the Virginia Highlands Park. To the West is the neighborhood of Arlington Ridge. Washington Boulevard (State Route 27), Arlington Boulevard (U.S. Route 50), Columbia Pike (State Route 244), and State Route 110 are nearby major thoroughfares. Thank heavens for GPS and the woman that keeps shouting at Bear “recalculating”. 



Pentagon Row shops



Pentagon City is an unincorporated neighbourhood (also called an "urban village") situated in the southeast portion of Arlington County, near The Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. Due to its proximity to Washington, D.C., this community of residential, office and retail complexes is a major tourist stop, so here we are with a few hours before we leave for the airport.




Office buildings in Pentagon City



The area was formerly known as "ReLee." The land was undeveloped through World War II. In the post-war era, the land was held by the Cafritz family pending future development, as empty fields and commercial warehouses. A Western Electric telephone manufacturing facility occupied the structure now redeveloped as "Pentagon Centre." In the 1960’s, high-rise apartment buildings were erected on Hayes, Fern and Joyce Streets. In the 1990’s, MCI Communications had a major presence in Pentagon City, with the company's Consumer Markets headquarters occupying Washington Tower, a 12-story office building that sits atop the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. MCI also occupied two of the four office towers immediately across South Hayes Street, known as Pentagon City I & II (often abbreviated "PCY"). Pentagon City also is home to the DEA, TSA, and other office buildings housing various other businesses. Given the proximity to The Pentagon, many are Defense related businesses.




Washington Tower, designed by RTKL Associates, above the Fashion Centre 




The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, also known as Pentagon City Mall, is an upscale shopping mall in Arlington, Virginia. It is situated in the Pentagon City neighbourhood on the lower levels of the Washington Tower office building, former home of MCI's Consumer Markets headquarters, near Interstate 395 and Hayes Street. The mall takes its logo from the architectural design of Washington Tower. The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, located just moments from the nation's capital, and on the Washington DC Metro system, offers a world-class shopping experience.



The food hall was impressive and I get a sweet and sour chicken fix before we fly 




There are one and seventy retail outlets in here – well you better get your arse in gear then.


See the warning signs as you paint Pepe’s face with a dangerously nipped pout and reddened cheeks.

Have you ever seen anyone be so lethal with a plastic fork from Little China

Bear has.

Run Bear, Run

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Well we enjoyed our few hours, but a part of me still thinks this is all a bit too sterile for my liking. Still pleased we came though.



Bear leaving his hybrid at the airport