Monkey Beach Snorkel

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 23 Jan 2017 23:57
Snorkel from Monkey Beach, Koh Phi Phi Don
IMG_4990  IMG_5004
IMG_5006  IMG_5083  IMG_5022
Due to the sheer number of tourists in the water kayaking, swimming, snorkelling and the amount of sand being scuffed up, my expectations were pretty low. Imagine my surprise when soon after launching myself from the beach there were clams of every shape, size and colour.
IMG_4996  IMG_4997
Someone hiding in the shadow of a rock and nice to see some soft coral.
IMG_5051  IMG_5052
Fun with the crowd that came everywhere with me.
IMG_5056  IMG_5067  IMG_5069
The poser, the cheeky one and the photo-bomber.
IMG_5129  IMG_5139
The shy one and the cute one.
IMG_5072  IMG_5073  IMG_5074
This chap was next to make sure he was noticed.
I bobbed up under the overhang and saw a long tail in the distance. A different picture, methinks.
IMG_5035  IMG_5038  IMG_5040
I swear this fish smiled as the cleaner wrasse got to work.
IMG_5119  IMG_5120  IMG_5122 
An odd pair scruffing about together, but they clearly enjoy each others company.
IMG_5136  IMG_5186
“Just look at the length of my whimple, compared to the norm”.
IMG_5114  IMG_5183
Loved this chaps jacket. This territorial little so-and-so came to see me off.
IMG_5150  IMG_5151
IMG_5103  IMG_5107  IMG_5105
I could hear this chap crunching until he went off, seeking another chunk to chew on.
IMG_5198  IMG_5199
This checkerboard insisted on posing. I like the French flag under his arm.
IMG_5191  IMG_5188  IMG_5192
Not forgetting the brown jobs or the pale jobs......