Day 4 to Fiji

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 30 May 2015 12:00
Squalls, Sunshine and Smooth Seas
IMG_2813  IMG_2814
The day began with a little squall which gave us a pretty sky and a tiny rainbow. Things are warm enough to have the side windows and back door open in the conservatory, settled enough to locate the odd lost crisp and a bit of ‘housework’, well more like gentle tidying. Throughout the day we had light winds, one void and at half past ten the wind went altogether and we motor-sailed overnight. Bear ate a full-sized chilli con carne with rice and an hour later out came the backgammon. I won five three. Huh and Grr, hey, I’m still two down overall and so you should be. Huh. We enjoyed sunset and Bear settled for a snooze in his usual place opposite me in the cockpit.
IMG_2830  IMG_2807
Knitting needles went at a faster speed and the long moss stitch panel grew, although I have to shake my right arm quite often as my supernator radialis screams out in a burning sensation – Oh err Mrs. Clearly I’m using muscles not used for several years. Clearly. I would have been up to the armpit by now had I not had three false starts. I began with XL and three inches in, Bear and I could have used it as a quilt cover. L and three inches in, we could have both worn it, now a Medium and I still have my doubts when the cable panel start has me going from 137 stitches to a colossal 186, we’ll see, but I’m not starting again, may have to have slightly fatter seams.....
I carried on knitting by the light of the chartplotter as Bear looked at his watch, I’m on duty soon but I’ll just rest my eyes for a couple of minutes. A solid hour of loud snoring marked by a button popping off his self-chosen pink cushion........the event masked by my earphones, a first audiobook for me by Suzanne Brockman - I didn’t think knitting and Classical Mythology somehow went together.
Lovely to be in a sea area called the South Fiji Basin.
Noon summary: Very tranquil on blue seas.
Noon position:   27:18.70 South and 176:57.79 East
Noon to Noon:   120 nautical miles.
Miles Covered:   519 nautical miles
Miles to Go :     644 nautical miles
Current:             Four and a half knots in ten knots of wind. 
My first sunrise at sea in a very long time – the benefit of Bear having a half an hour lie-in, lovely, I get to do the same...... 
                     PERFECT, PEACEFUL SAILING