Quiet Week

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 5 May 2013 18:07
A Quiet Week
BB North Seymour 001  BB North Seymour 002
Bear came trotting in to report his cleaning success the sides and the under parts of Beez. He also invited me into town for a bimble and later on supper, a date, marvellous. Is there any chance you could shower first to remove the damp squid aroma you are currently wearing like a cheap suit and perhaps wash off the new neck growth. Well if you’re going to be fussy about it.................
CP Bits 001
Nice smile skipper. Bear deals with sieving the diesel and petrol he ordered, delivered to Beez on a water taxi, via our agent. Locals price $1.24 our price $6.......
BB North Seymour 003
A freighter was in so the quayside was busy.
BB North Seymour 185
The church on Main Street is rather lovely.
BB North Seymour 006
Simple and welcoming inside.
BB North Seymour 009  BB North Seymour 008  BB North Seymour 007
The stained glass windows so representative of the Galapagos islands.
BB North Seymour 005  BB North Seymour 010
Outside is St Francis and the tamed wolf.
During the period when Francis was living in Gubbio, a fierce wolf appeared in the country and began attacking livestock. Soon the wolf graduated to direct assaults on humans, and not long after began to dine upon them exclusively. It was known for lingering outside of the city gates in wait for anyone foolish enough to venture beyond them alone. No weapon was capable of inflicting injury upon the wolf, and all who attempted to destroy it were devoured. Eventually mere sight of the animal caused the entire city to raise alarm and the public refused to go outside the walls for any reason. It was at this point, when Gubbio was under siege, that Francis announced he was going to take leave and meet the wolf. He was advised against this more than once but, irrespective of the warnings, made the sign of the Cross and went beyond the gates with a small group of followers in tow. When he neared the lair of the wolf the crowd held back at a safe distance, but remained close enough to witness what transpired.

The wolf, having seen the group approach, rushed at Francis with its jaws open. Again Francis made the sign of the Cross and commanded the wolf to cease its attacks in the name of God, at which point the wolf trotted up to him docilely and lay at his feet, putting its head in his hands.



BB North Seymour 012

Bear found the fish eye button on his camera. Mmmmmmmmmm.


BB North Seymour 013  BB North Seymour 014

I prefer the normal setting.


BB North Seymour 016  BB North Seymour 017

Our favourite shop has this rather splendid crab seat, surprisingly comfy. The resident artist does huge, bright paintings, the jewellery is all made from local items, cut lava, recycled glass and the pottery is just plain fun. Just as well we live on Beez or I could see some serious retail therapy going on in here. 


BB North Seymour 018  BB North Seymour 011  BB North Seymour 015

The neatest tee-shirt shop in town. A happy iguana graces a roundabout and the flowers are well cared for.


BB North Seymour 019

One of the towns hotels.


BB North Seymour 026  BB North Seymour 027

I’m sure Bear chose this little Italian Bistro because of the toilet signs.


BB North Seymour 024  BB North Seymour 025  BB North Seymour 023  BB North Seymour 028

The ceiling art did its best and the 3d wall pictures were fun.


BB North Seymour 022

The pizza oven in the corner was a nice showpiece. Our friendly waiter trotted over all smiles and took our drinks order. My diet coke was not correct until he had rushed off to find me a straw and was Bears “beer cold enough”. No we couldn’t have carbonara or paella, the chef was not due on duty for an hour so “was pizza OK”. OK. He stood outside - we thought for a cigarette - but every so often he came in to give us a status report, “seven more minutes”.


BB North Seymour 030

It was at this point we saw the pizza delivery lad jump off his scooter, how we kept our faces straight as friendly produced Bear’s with a flourish. My plain one was no different, presented as it would in any top drawer London eatery. After he was safely seated in front of his TV at the other end we fell about. What an experience.


BB North Seymour 004

Back to the quayside, I needed a backgammon win and a stiff drink.


The plan is to leave here on Monday or Tuesday or as soon as Johnny, our agent appears with our Zarpe – leaving document. Spend a day getting to Isabela – sadly our last island. Look around what we have been told is one of the prettiest islands, complete with active volcano and plan for the “big one”. Our three thousand mile journey to the Gambiers in French Polynesia (at this - but Beez is great for ‘the plan written in sand’) to begin on the 19th of May. Sounds like a plan.