Post Office Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 26 Apr 2013 21:37
Post Office Bay, Floreana
BF Floreana 004
After breakfast Chino gave us lift over to the beach. Just off the beach itself, a short walk along a path is the Post Office of Post Office Bay





In the 18th century, whalers passing through the islands placed a wooden barrel on Floreana Island for use as an unofficial mail box. This is the crew of the Lancaster on a mail drop in 1917. Today visitors leave post cards and look to see if they can take cards back to their home country to post or even sometimes hand deliver.



BF Floreana 005

Just next to todays box is the site of the original one. 


BB Floreana 010 

Roberto opened the box.



BB Floreana 004


The tradition continuing today as Daniel and Lucas sort through the bundle for cards with German addresses. We had fun as we read some of the cards, A few had requests to leave until next year and a couple to take in 2015.



BB Floreana 008  BB Floreana 007  BB Floreana 006

Igor and Irena sort through and take all the cards with Canadian addresses and Janet and Bob look for those with Pennsylvanian.


BB Floreana 014 

We walked further on and passed the remnants of the old cannery. 


BB Floreana 020

We followed Roberto along the path to the opening to the Lava Tunnel. Steep steps took us underground.


BB Floreana 027  BB Floreana 034  BB Floreana 039

We went as far as the water, strange to see no bats, a strange picture of we head back out.


BF Floreana 230 

BB Floreana 095  BB Floreana 084  BB Floreana 093

Next we trotted up a path to a lookout. Bear shows us the light. Great views.


BF Floreana 252  BF Floreana 253

A happy chap en route.


BF Floreana 262

A very handsome boy.


BB Floreana 088

Bear went up to the platform, I sat in the place the Baroness loved to sit and watch for ships passing by. Down on the left was the area she had chosen to build her Paradise hotel for millionaires – a project that never happened as she disappeared with one of her lovers. Time to go back to Vision for lunch and get ready to go snorkeling around the Devil’s Crown – Corona del Diablo seen below.


BB Floreana 097