Inle Market

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 5 Dec 2017 22:57
Lake Inle Market
We left the ladies weaving and headed for the market. This daily, land based event used to be a floating market, very popular with tourists and locals alike, as we drew closer we could see loads of longtails, but first, through the official entrance made from bamboo poles.
IMG_0274  IMG_0275
Passing a parking attendant and chugging slowly in between to very long jetties chocker block with stalls and tourists. I could easily have asked our driver, Udin to turn around and get away from the madness but Bear said we should bimble the market proper, beyond the jetties.
We parked against the left hand jetty, in line with lots of other boats and off we went.
IMG_0277  IMG_0278
We ran the gauntlet of stalls selling what has become all too familiar “you look see” “very good price” “lucky money for first buy you”, smiling sweetly on we went.
IMG_0280  IMG_0282  IMG_0332
A builders yard made for a nice change, roof panels, wall panels and bamboo poles.
Over a little bridge, passing a few more stalls and we were in the market ‘proper’ as Bear had said.
IMG_0284  IMG_0285
Flower sellers.
IMG_0286  IMG_0287
Baskets and restaurant.
Not sure what’s cooking in the pots, some of it smelt quite dodgy and Bear thought one pot contained soup until I pointed out that it was the washing up bowl..........
IMG_0288  IMG_0291
A butcher turning over a brisk trade.
IMG_0293  IMG_0295  IMG_0294
A smartly dressed butcheress, very competent with her sharp cleaver.
IMG_0296  IMG_0298
Meat stroke fishmonger with a natty ginger beard.
IMG_0300  IMG_0301
A lady not-to-be-messed-with had lovely looking fish.
IMG_0304  IMG_0302
A singing chicken butcheress, while she worked with a very dodgy bag of goings-on........
IMG_0305  IMG_0306
The local twice-fried-biscuity-things don’t taste of much and a tractor coming through.
Heavy negotiating at one fishmongers.
IMG_0311  IMG_0313
A handsome fish in front of this chap and a young lad stringing his wares in eights.
IMG_0307  IMG_0323
Tomato stall, we had expected to see thousands of tomatoes for sale not just this pile, in fact, vegetable alley wasn’t up to much at all, whether that happens earlier in the day we are not sure.
IMG_0326  IMG_0327
Engine maintenance and tissue box covers.
IMG_0328  IMG_0329  IMG_0330
Passing so many stalls.
The locals car park.
IMG_0336  IMG_0337
We clambered back aboard and Bear got a closer look at the longtail motors.
Udin handed over the five pence parking charge to the attendant and off we went.