To Hoga Island

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Thu 11 Aug 2016 22:57
To Hoga Island
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Spot the Difference Between A and B.... The journey today in warm sun was a laundry opportunity. The engine would have to be on as once we round the next island the wind will be on the nose. Bear can set the water maker to busy mode and I can wash and rinse to my hearts content. Plan – put everything in to soak now before we get going. In my mind that indeed sounded the way to go and off I went to the nether regions of Beez for my big flexi-bucket. Rolled forward to fit under the tap, I was half way to filling when OH MY WORD........... the water delivery spout fell off. My mind felt the urgent need to reach for an umbrella but the sensible part of me (yes, I do have one now and again) reached to turn off the tap and all was well, except for lowered vista of my mixer tap that is................ Not overly bothered as I can do my laundry in the cockpit using the al fresco shower we continued to make ready to leave. On the morrow Bear can do the head scratching prior to working something up and receiving customary advice from Heath Robinson who usually adds inspiration and a couple of choices. 
We waved our our final Wanci lady and the anchor was up at nine thirty. Will we miss their very loud chugging.......
The dredging operation was still hard at it as we swung by.
To our left the pale shallow dropping off to deep water.
To our right the satisfying look of emptiness. It has been a very long time since I have felt such relief at leaving anywhere. Wanci will sit in the memory as having a decent internet signal but the overriding thoughts will be of NOISE. The anchorage was smooth after the awful rolling of Namrole but a quiet night and a decent sleep is so very much needed. Karaoke rasped and shrieked until gone midnight, the roosters then thought it pertinent to get their chance as the Imam wound up at half four. The first fifteen minutes was always quite lovely until all the other loudspeakers around the town felt the need to compete. Call to prayer for the slumbering was swiftly replaced with the shake the cemetery dwellers into leaping up to clean their fleshless teeth. Once that all stopped the chatter amongst the stall holders, the chugging of the local boats and the hubbub at the ferry dock ensured that only Bear had had a restful night. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my Mrs Woo session in the sunshine and soon my washing was pegged about the cockpit. Bear gnashed and growled about the wind on the nose and thought that had unsettled him to losing five one at backgammon. The rest of the thirty mile journey he kept snagging wins on the tri-omino battlefield. Hoga Island on the left.
Away to our right a fairly poor population live in a town on stilts, intrepid sorts will visit us to trade or sell fruit and veg.
A local boat leaves Hoga Island anchorage.
We head to the port marker and had been warned to look out for a floating obstruction.
IMG_2005  IMG_2006
Our little arrow on Google Earth shows us accurately passing between the reefs where my chartplotter has us ploughing straight over it.......
The reef to our right was very easy to see. As we came up to the port marker depths dropped from 9.1 metres below steadily down to 4.4, then after our left turn soon dropped to 20.
The obstruction. Look between the blue hull of Serica and the cat Soul along the bottom of the picture to see a big, fat, brown metal hawser, once passed we headed over to the far line of boats and found fifteen metres to anchor with swinging room against the far reef. Anchor down at half past four we were invited for sundowners on Soul an hour later. Quick boil up of Bear’s stew, wash and change and off we went. A select group of boats watched a green flash that brought newbies to the club and increasing the total of those that had seen one before. My excitement grew during the evening as the promise of Nemo, his family and friends, lots of colourful reef and a buoy to tether Baby Beez to awaits us in the morning, well after the tap rebuild......... Later, Catherine and me had the ten cent tour of Soul with Karen and the boys went with Mike. I could hear Bear drooling as he looked at the space around the engine and the tool shed. I just stared in awe at the space, beautiful lines and a sense of agoraphobia when I sat in the lounge – must not harbour any unfaithful thoughts as I love Beez far too much. Time for a peaceful night with just the breeze for company.