To Katherine Bay

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 1 Jul 2015 22:47
To Katherine Bay, Rabi Island, Fiji
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We got up this morning to a beautiful sunny day with blue skies. To our left we saw the lush greens on the shore of Buca Bay, to our right Scott-Free awaits the days journey to Katherine Bay - fourteen miles away, anchors up at ten.
Outbound between the islands.
We were really sheltered as we motor sailed past Kioa Island in sixty metres of water but the wind across the Somosomo Straight stirred the sea a bit behind the visible reef and it bounced a bit over the much shallower water. [Taveuni Island seen in the background].
As always we enjoyed ourselves, skipper at the wheel, me sewing the sleeves into my now finished jacket.
Looking toward Katherine Bay we did question just how sheltered it could be.
The funny part was changing from east to west and waiting for the chart detail to catch us up – and our chart spells it Catherine Bay.
Rabi Position  IMG_0610
Rabi Island at the top of Fiji and as we passed we could see the white building was indeed a big church.

Rabi - pronounced Rambi is a volcanic island, in the Vanua Levu Group. It covers an area of sixty six and a bit square kilometres, reaching a maximum altitude of 463 meters and has a shoreline of 46.2 kilometres. With a population of around 5,000, Rabi is home to the Banabans who are the indigenous landowners of Banaba Island, sometimes known as Ocean Island in Kiribati. The indigenous Fijian community that formerly lived on Rabi was moved to Taveuni after the island was purchased by the Banabans.

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The chart plotter caught up and we spuddled on.
Into the mangrove edged and sheltered bay.
                     LUNCH THEN A BIMBLE