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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 11 Nov 2012 16:57
Bits and Bobs
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Saw this in Santiago. A sign outside the store advertising 100% cannabis smoothies and the window display. One would think it would curdle the milk.
Truly Officer I only had a smoothie.................I don't do drugs............
Janelle xx
This was an email sent by Janelle en route from hers and Howards marathon journey back from Australia last week.  Just fabulous. Thank you.
Mind you it’s not the sort of window shopping we’ve ever done before.......
Sunday is the day we always try to ring mum, what happened, we were only talking to her a minute ago and here we are again – it’s Sunday. I have spent the whole week playing “Let’s sort out the hard drive and update the film spreadsheet” did not sound like such a mammoth task at the outset.........
BB Solar Panels 001  BB Solar Panels 003  BB Solar Panels 005
Bear has spent the week finishing off the new solar panel, it matches the one on the other side. If they are both up Beez looks like a trendy Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang, complete with aero foil provided by the original solar panel at the back. See trendy new control panel. Again the ceiling came down, went back up and several bad words were heard as wires were threaded. I even got to lie on my back on the office bed and pulled gently as instructed by the captain. I’ll leave it at that then.
We met Howard and Janelle, with Brian and Eric for lunch at one of the local marinas, best meat loaf on the Rio Dulce and Bear was off before he heard served with gravy, I stuck to a cheese burger. Then it was off across the river for the captains to mount a new AIS on Georgeann. Whilst the boys were getting sweaty together, Janelle and I did a bit of route planning but as the internet played up as we had a critical Immigration question we repaired to the bar.
BB Frosties 003
Zucaritas - different name, sadly same calories
Wednesday we got the launcha to Mar Marine where movie night was served with lasagne and as much popcorn as you can munch on. I’m still getting over the fact that outside the UK everyone has it with salt, the film was called Savages and I knew I would like it as I saw a bare bottom AND a death before the opening titles. Definitely not one of Bear’s chick flicks.
Thursday is Trivia Night. We traveled once to it and have attended when it was held once before at our marina, here again and as Georgeann need a pair we joined forces and became the GOFS (Grumpy Old Farts). Before we started we had no expectations of success and as most of the questions had American names we had no clue. One question though, I felt sure I could manage. “How many N’s are there in a Scrabble set of one hundred letters”. I went about the answer in a serious fashion. One x Z, 1 x this, four of those, etc etc. Bear chimed in, Be careful now there are fifty six letters in the alphabet. Howard laughed so much I had to apologise for the chest pain.
I once heard a famous woman say “Keep your mouth shut rather than open it and remove all doubt”...............................
Friday night is Movie Night here. After the blood of Savages I suggested the gentle Red Dog. On the subject of dogs Inka is expecting baby Akitas and this weeks Arrrrrr goes to Tarot. I respect you ladies who breed their animals, I don’t think either of us would be much good at saying “farewell”.
Meet Tarot