Villa Week 45

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 30 Jan 2021 23:57

Week Forty-Five at Sleeping Indian


Sunday the 24th of January. Why do you put boiled eggs (Aunt Ett’s), my perfection and Bear’s egg events every week ??? I hear you ask. Well, simply because they are the calming fact that time moves on but we at least have a tiny rudder to our week - in these very uncertain times. A bit of pottering and a bit of resting for the day, well it is Sunday. Mmmm. Evening video calls were a delight as always.


Monday the 25th. This morning, bright for a change, Picnic came by. Bear got up not feeling so good so he did a few jobs on Beez and packed up early. I did the usual Monday housework.

Tuesday the 26th. Dismal weather all day and Bear now thinks he has a gout flare up. Not a massively productive day and not much to show for it either. The bananaquits are still happy to have their sugar.

Wednesday the 27th. The only upside to rain is the joy of a rainbow, never seen so many in my life before as in the last few months. Bear in a very serious way with two joints in his big toe, both ankles and knees with roaring gout. His right big toe is exceptionally big, shiny, red and sore. He has never had it in both ankles and feels shivery and rotten. Bedrest then, which means I stay put beside him or he frets, a great excuse for me to get stuck into Jenny’s family tree. Specific searches on the MacDonald’s of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. Her DNA listed a tiny bit of Viking blood and I’m certain this hardy breed of Scots are the link.

Lord Ron picked us up at five for a break, just a couple of hours of friendly banter, good laughs and a much needed pick-me-up. Bed by nine, Bear exhausted and me back to the MacD’s for a couple of hours.

Thursday the 28th. I took the golf cart back that we borrowed to bring us back last night, nipped in to see our broker and the supermarket. Bought Bear some rum and raisin ice cream to cheer him up, he thinks the tablets are finally improving things. Slowly, very slowly. Loads of ‘bits’ to do for Beez details and specifications which took several hours but eventually emailed back to our broker. A job neither of us relished but so pleased when we had ticked that particular box.

Friday the 29th. Beez officially went on the market today with very mixed emotions on our part, fingers crossed that a young couple want her for serious adventuring. I buried myself in the MacD’s and Bear rested. Today, for a change, his hip is giving him jip.

Saturday the 30th. Bear was not so ‘hobbly’ this morning but still in quite a bit of pain. Between rests he did a couple of  jobs – regluing the games board from Beez dining table and sanding her office door. I carried on digging in Jenny’s family tree. Oh, Oh, Oh how I would love a Conrad, Henry or Stan, Susan, Cynthia or Hilda in place of the hundreds of Murdo’s, Donald’s, Anne’s and Mary’s.

This afternoon was not a race out of respect of how badly the local community has been financially hit during the last few months. People in fancy hotels now have to pay a few dollars a day on their bill to go into the ‘poor pot’. The boats that came by were simply going out because it was a nice afternoon, such a change from the rotten weather we have had this week.

Very sobering change in the last seven days. Last week there was one hospital patient, this week fourteen – eight on ventilators in serious condition. The one death was an otherwise fit thirty-nine year old. St Lucia and St Vincent have also seen numbers increasing at an alarming rate. We are now back on curfew from 20:00 to 05:00, bars are closed and restaurants can only provide take away food. Time for us to be even more careful and pray things do not get worse. Stay Safe everyone xx xx