Cabrits Revisited

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 24 Jan 2011 23:30
Cabrits Update
A Time Line for the Garrison:
3000BC: The first Amerindian people settle in the bay.
1493: One ship of Columbus fleet on his second Voyage enters the bay and sees dwellings.
1504: Christopher Columbus passes the Cabrits on his fourth Voyage.
1535: The Spanish Council of the Indies declares this bay as a station for its treasure ships.
1565: Sir John Hawkins, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Richard Grenville and other privateers and pirates begin to use the bay to refresh their ships and trade with the Kalinago/Carib Indians
1652: Prince Rupert of the Rhine, cousin of King Charles the first, uses the bay for repair and shelter. The bay is named after him.
1763: Dominica is ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris.
1765: First small gun battery erected on this site.
1774: Major construction of Fort Shirley and Cabrits Garrison begins with a workforce of four hundred African slaves.
1778: French forces capture Roseau. This garrison surrenders. Building work continues under the French.
1782: Battle of the Saints fought off the Cabrits on the 12th of April. The British are victorious.
1783: Dominica returned to Britain by the Treaty of Versailles.
1795: French republican revolutionaries invade the north coast but are repelled by troops from the Cabrits.
1796: West India Regiments "The Black Regiments" formed and stationed at Cabrits.
1802: The revolt of the 8th West India Regiment at the Cabrits.
1805: Cabrits Garrison refuses to surrender to the French under General La Grange.
1854: Fort Shirley and the Cabrits are abandoned by the army. The forest takes over.
1982: Restoration at Fort Shirley begins.
1986: The Cabrits Point is declared a National Park.
Wandering the beautifully kept grounds 
Mistress Pathfinder checking out the history 
Checking up on the boys 
Sadly the bar (officers accommodation) was closed - only to go into the stunningly restored building - honest Gov.........
Beez Neez (very front left) Nimue (behind her) (a small Canadian boat to Nimue's left)
Bear watching Michael at work 
Daddy's Little Soldiers
Anne took a different pose, she commented that the chap to her right had a meatier "lunchbox"..........
We found some old photos showing the work that had been done 
Up in the woods we of course found some chaps
The boys pressing the buttons 
The tree roots even more stunning 
A quick Geisha demo from the mistress 
Getting stuck into 'Wings n Fries' 
THE Hat was tested to the max on Baby Beez - we all got soaked in the huge winds - but were laughing too much to care