Warderick Wells

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sat 9 Apr 2011 20:01
Warderick Wells Cay, The Exumas, Bahamas
What has become our sailing - well motoring at the minute - norm is flat is calm seas in the bright, hot sunshine through reefs and shallows. Today was different as we had to radio Warderick Wells to pick up a buoy, allocated to number eight by a lovely sounding lady, off we went.
The last corner before we turned right on this short fourteen mile hop, before we entered the National Park could NEVER have prepared for what we saw next
It is really hard to write a blog in the Exumas without including words like stunning, beautiful, blue or azure - so I wont
Bear tied us to the buoy, looking round the first thing we saw on the beach was a whale skeleton mmmm
No sooner than we had settled than Baby Beez got a new friend. But this was way too soon after the pig affair yesterday
We had a diversionary tactic, a piece of fish skin, post filleting our mahi-mahi supper, no sooner the plunge than re-settled and pooped
Into Baby Beez for a spuddle and Beez Neez has her own friend
Beez Neez as we pulled away from her
Seen from on top of Boo Boo Hill
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