Port Res Bimble

Port Resolution Bimble
What a sight to breakfast to. Mount Yasur saying ‘good morning’.
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Ashore, looking left and right.
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A handsome work in progress. this canoe will be a fine looking lady when she’s finished.
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Stanley met us on the beach. We told him that we had brought some goods for those who needed it. He said it was the village on the southern coast that were in bad shape. If we went for the stuff, he would get a posse from the village to help. Off we went back to Beez and loaded up. Back on the beach once again, Stanley made light work of a very heavy box. He showed us up the track and a happy posse passed en route to the pile left on the beach. Bear sat and waited. the ever present smile in place.
The posse and dogs. We knew that we should bring rice so we had bought five bags of ten kilograms and had sorted out any extra medical supplies, roasting dishes and anything else spare that we know we can easily replace in Australia. Stanley said that hopefully the road being built by the Chinese will be finished next month so the village to the south will no longer be cut off. At present, they only have ‘mountain goat’ access, but bad weather and illness are taking their toll to be able to get out for supplies. They control the water supply, which runs off their lands and keep Port Resolution supplied which is why Stanley will take our food donations to them in a couple of days.
Following the posse to the village. This is when I was filled with remorse for not bringing more.
Cyclone Pam had been the demise of Stanley’s mums house.
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We enjoyed a tour of the village, a mix of repaired and work in progress. Stanley told us that his family had taken shelter in his friends brick-built house and of the deafening winds Cyclone Pam produced. He showed us a full sheet of corrugated iron that had flown off the school roof and landed hundreds of feet away. Miraculously no one had been killed.
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The grave of Misi Bran.
The Yacht Club. Not a beer in sight.
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On the wall we read about ‘Village Etiquette’ and saw a picture of Stanley’s parents, Chief Ronic – dad, sadly died seven years ago.
Standing near the Yacht Club, we got a rather special picture of Beez Neez with Mount Yasur’s breath.
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The Bay and looking out toward the ‘doorway’.
Later back on the beach, Stanley made a nice picture as he spoke to Chief Jack on his mobile. He was organising our cultural experience for tomorrow afternoon, how excited are we both, our possible National Geographic Moment and later a visit to Mount Yasur.
A tree slide along from us.
Port Resolution Bay seen from the Yacht Club.
On our way home we spuddled out for another look at the ‘doorway’