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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 1 Mar 2012 23:27
Farewell as We Hit the Road
BB A Visitor 032
In the week we had a satellite launch
BB A Visitor 020  BB A Visitor 021
These pictures of Bear’s sandals are purely for Pete (Troutbridge) to prove he is not alone when sandals hit the five thousand mile mark. They just don’t make them like they used to, these blew out at a couple of hundred. Not to be replaced then. We did our bit with these – made from reconstituted tyres – they had to live in the cockpit for most of their short lives as they smelt like a cross between a glue factory and the surface of Brands Hatch after a hot, sweaty days racing. As soon as we got the hire car it was off to Cocoa City to get new unsmelly models. Bargain, not only in the sale, but buy one get a second pair half price, AND they only smell new, winner. Beat that Pete. On a happy note - email from our man in Fiji tells us he will move aboard Trouters around the 8th of April – Well done, it has been a slog of a road for you. Sending hugs to be collected when we see you in Thailand.

BB Farewell Trooper 004

Trooper, Steve and Mags were there at the new sandal (s) purchase and as a reward they introduced us to happy hour at the Steak and Shake. What an event. Thick shakes in all flavours, mostly eaten rather than slid up a straw in the buy one get one free time period. Trooper got stuck in too.


1  cord  super 8

For our road trip I hope to have chosen the best matches to the scene in CSI “there’s a deadun in room 214.” We won’t have time post UK visit to do anything but get a sharp move on to leave the U.S. before our cruising permit expires. This road trip will give us a look at the West coast of Florida and even out the one way surcharge to the airport on the hire car. We have chosen the Knights Inn, Sarasota (a real gem, hope we are on the top floor and the manageress is called Beryl with her pencil stuck through her hair bun – Ooo with no front teeth would be the icing on the cake), the Super 8 Naples where I hope to get photos of me chatting to a trucker about the price of gas – him looking resplendent in stained vest and the Cordova in Fort Lauderdale, for the heck of it in a smoking room (sorry Bear, pressed the wrong button but it could add to the experience). More info will follow I have no doubt with loads to see and do before we fly on the 5th.


BB Farewell Trooper 010  BB Farewell Trooper 008

For now, our final ever ‘Farewell’ to Trooper – one of life's characters. He knew something was up today. We stopped in the shopping mall to watch an elderly lady bounce in a harness (that’s what they do here to break up a shopping day – we got on orgasmatron chairs). Trooper came over for a hug and buried his little face under my arm, a sure sign that he knew a ‘change was in the air’. We wish him well as Seadog Troop.


BB Farewell Trooper 011  BB Farewell Trooper 013

A quick ‘beer o’clock’ and our final farewells to Steve and Mags, it’s been a blast. Good luck on the Luff Bug. Farewell to Beez, Bernie, Bobby, Claude and all the boys, see you on the 10th of April XX XX.




                     SEE Y’ALL DOWN THE ROAD