Day 6 - Half Circ

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 15 Dec 2013 13:30
Day 6 – A Momentous Occasion
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Saturday the 14th of December – Afternoon: The afternoon fell into a lovely rhythm. Bear took his rest with a silly grin on his face. The backgammon needed little propping to level and all was wonderful after my five two win, let’s get my buffer back. Huh. Time to read up on Opua Marina.
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Sunday the 15th of December 2013: I was just cleaning my teeth, ready to go on duty at two, when the skipper called for me to hurry out. I only JUST about had time to turn the camera on and shoot, more warning for our next milestone Sir, if you please. We left Sutton Harbour, Plymouth on Friday the 6th of June 2008 at ten o’clock, (only for the brief twenty four miles to our beloved Fowey) at 50:22 north and 04:07 west, so the second we went left of 175:53 east, we had completed half of our world circumnavigation on Sunday the 15th of December 2013 at four minutes past two. The next click of the camera recorded 175:52.998 east, YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaa, Marvelous, Hazzar, wow, a wonderful achievement, very happy. A choice of rose wine and fizz were in the fridge, ready to mark the occasion, that at the speed I had last calculated the event – to be around midday, oh well, the pattern we have fell into is we slow during the afternoon and by evening speed up.
A kiss to me, a kiss to Beez Neez and without a pause, off went the skipper to bed.......... Well, with that flurry of excitement, lasting all of five minutes and no more Patrick O’Brian to listen to, what was next. I put the Stereophonics, Have a Nice Day on, and flipped through my menu. Alan Alda reading his autobiography, the wonderfully titled – Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, was just the ticket.

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This morning we went over the Devonport Seamount Chain, somehow, very appropriate for Beez and her crew. Just below it, was a different spelling of the PaSific Ocean. How had the skipper celebrated on coming on at six, Oh I watched Lucky Number Slevin, what a wild change from the predicted chick flick, well, I fancied a bit of action. Mmmm. After cheese, melon and pineapple, we settled for an amazing battle of backgammon – with no leveling of the board necessary – I somehow scraped a five three win. Huh and a few very ripe swear words........ 

Distance covered in the last twenty four hours = 133.1 bring our total for journey so far to 916.6 nautical miles. All very happy aboard the now bristling with pride – Beez Neez.

We could not wish for lovelier conditions and feel very blessed indeed. A massive thank you to family and friends who continue to support this wild and whacky dream of ours. Thank You All  xx xx.



The sea is so flat now that the only white comes from the girl herself.


                     HALF WAY TO PLYMOUTH