Rebak to Telaga

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 8 Feb 2019 23:57
Rebak Marina to Telaga Anchorage 
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Friday the 8th. Bear pottered with covers and pronounced we try to leave at midday. OK then. I potter. At half eleven I suggest a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Once in, we have a cheeky Magnum at the pool bar, shower and I bimble off to the office to pay our final bill. Engine on and ready to leave at ten past one. Final look back at Rebak Marina.
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The marina entrance or exit as I get my favourite view of the skipper as he tidies ropes and fenders.
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Once outside I begin slow turns to recalibrate the compass and reset the autopilot. Quick test of said autopilot and we wildly swing to the right. Hmmm. Off we spuddle whilst Bear gets instruction book. Out in a clear seaway we try pressing lots of buttons. Swing the compass again, reset the autopilot again. Engage autopilot and we turn in a tight circle. Repeat countless times to the point where I now know we are piddling about. We’ll head in to the fuel dock at Telaga and I will do a Dockside Reset. We have a plan. I head in to Telaga and toward the lighthouse.
I radio to the Telaga Marina Office who tell me that there are two boats on the fuel dock so come in loiter but will have boy from petrol station waiting for you. That made me giggle, by the time I had entered and done a u-turn the dock was free so no loitering necessary. Two hundred litres of diesel in the jerry jugs and eighty-seven litres of diesel in the main tank. That done I nipped off with the lad to pay at the petrol station whilst Bear tidied his jerry jugs, put their hats on and locked the girl. We took the opportunity to nip to the Immigration Office next door. Clutching stamped out Passports we headed back to Beez. I’ve done the Dockside Reset. OK then, sea trial it is. Off we went just outside the marina and inner anchorage and with short pants I pressed the autopilot. BINGO. All well. Heading back into the inner anchorage we found a spot, dropped the hook and needed a celebratory snifter with such a late lunch as to call it early supper. The engine went off at four-thirty – not bad considering we only did an hour long run............
Truly wonderful to launch Baby Beez and take this picture of the girl at anchor. How resplendent she looks. Time now, in the hot, late afternoon sun to swim and sponge all her dirty marks. I found three or four barnacles on her her hull, not bad for two months in a marina but when Bear dived down to the prop – oh my, there were hundreds of the sharp little buggers. Bear went down time and time again and declared a success but the backs of his hands were covered in tiny slashes. Well at least the constant dit, dit, dit noise I have to put up with from the sonic machine are doing their job on the hull. Pity the prop paint has proved a waste of time and money, I’ll check it again when we get to Sabang. By the time we had showered off the back of the girl, a treat in itself, it was gone seven. Time to lay down and watch a few episodes. Bliss, pure bliss.