To Osaka

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 1 Nov 2017 23:37
To Osaka
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After breakfast, we packed and at ten o’clock said our ‘farewells’. We left possibly the most unique bed and breakfast we will ever stay in. Thank you Ryochi. Down the hill to the bus stop leaving behind a very special town full of character and charm. Sadly, the cable car hadn’t been fixed, so we had to endure the bus through all its wiggles and hair-pin bends to Hashimoto.
Typical scenery we have become fond and used to.
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A chap coming in and a chap happily waiting.
We boarded the Koya Limited Express to Tennjachaya Station and changed to the Sakaisuji Metro getting off at Sakaisuji-Hommachi.
We popped out of the underground to see a bike park, somehow this got us giggling. A fifteen minute walk and I was a slather but after a quick shower was ready to hit Osaka as a tourist. But first..............
Funnier still was walking into our new digs. No way I can fall out of bed. Beds shuddered at the pillows, soon to be doubled as we asked for more. One had what best could be described as small, solid pipes in the bottom, the other beads that could support any large cuddly toy from falling if stuffed in its feet. Pillow fight – the first blow could induce a hefty concussion or simply the fatal and therefore final breath. Heavy doesn’t begin to cover it.
Bear’s legs against the bed, his bottom against the chair, (ooo and behind him is an air flow machine with an air con up on the wall – which blew hot air). He decided that two cases and two bodies his side of the bed wouldn’t work or happen for that matter. I parked my case against the closed door and we took it in turns to move.
Stepping up into the bathroom, sashay around the double toilet roll holder, thoughtfully placed on the left under the towel rail. Note to self, don’t get up in the night and not put the light on, it will feel like the triffids have got me and don’t sit down too quickly for fear of breaking knee caps.. Tap swing one way fills sink,pivot  the other way fills bath, which way did I always turn it.
NO HOT SEAT, Oh Lord, things just got serious as we swap places by me standing on the bed. First world problem dear.......AND LOOK, I have to turn the button from pink behind to blue behind, wonder what will happen if I forget. Maybe you’ll blow your balls into the next room. Not funny.
Bear perked up at his surprise, a visit to the Umeda Sky Building (behind his right shoulder).
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They do do a good job with water features it has to be said.
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And clearly a Mazda on the wall. Hope it doesn’t fall off, bout the same PSI as a whack from one of our pillows, methinks. Look, there are men under that Christmas tree. Mmmm. 
Actually, I can see tool boxes and the platform is indeed being finished as we speak. Who would have thought that Halloween and Christmas would have been such big things here in Japan. Time to go to the Floating Garden at 173 metres.
Koy to Oasaka
Believe it or not, we did fifty miles today and it took over five hours.............