Day 5 to St Helena

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 1 Feb 2020 06:00
27:54.89 S  9:19.71 E
Day Five to St Helena
Pleased to say when I got up this morning there was no repeat of the muesli jumping experience but filleting Bear’s pawpaw seemed to take a long time.
We have now ‘gone’ north three hundred and seventy-five miles and five hundred miles west, the pleasure this brings is less clothing required. The first night being so very bundled up has thankfully passed. I no longer need over sweat trousers or the second sweatshirt – in fact my sweatshirt only goes on at four in the morning for a couple of hours until bedtime.
Weird though, Bear asked me to call him at a quarter to six and we both remarked on how dark it still was.
Our very poorly, faded South African flag came down, may have to replace it if we ever decide to display our collection of national flags..
Late morning I suffered a five four defeat on the backgammon battlefield. Every wave seems to roll his dice just right for a massive number of doubles, just as he needs them. Growling. Yes, but I win and you go up in money. Well, the only canny thing I can do is gamble.......still growling though.
The lunch debacle with the pie and gravy was replaced by a military manoeuvre. Bear handed out to the cockpit the makings of egg salad, I peeled and chopped whilst seated with no incident at all. Must do that again then. Well, until the eggs run out. Thank you for that Sherlock.   
I loved coming on at 02:00 to find no ships anywhere. Just us kids then. Such a wonderful change from the likes of Malaysia and Sri Lanka, to name but two, where we had to stare out the whole time in search of unlit fishermen and sometimes bigger ones to. Miss the odd chum though.
At six this morning we had covered 124.0 nmiles.
Total completed 601.6 nautical miles.
                      LOVELY SUNNY DAY