Bill and Jen

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 26 Oct 2015 23:57
Morning with Bill and the Afternoon with Jen
Off in Baby Beez this morning to find Bill, Quarantine Officer and the local policeman who acts as Customs Officer. Outside the police station [funded through Vanuatu Australia Police Project 2011] was what looked laundry scattered about. They in fact netball shirts and shorts, donated by a cruise ship but as no one plays netball here they may be donated to a school on another island. Heaven knows why they can’t be worn here......... Bill was at the new bank so time to sit and watch the world go by.
Outside, a table had been set up and an official was registering local boats. Forms all over the place and men having to go home for extra bits.
A nice view of Beez from sitting here. Bill arrived and after much form filling and the handing over of thirty pounds all was cleared on the quarantine front. Soon after the barefooted, casually attired policeman turned up, he was handed photocopies of customs forms already emailed to Port Vila, a few more forms and a little cajoling, we had cleared in and gained clearing out from Erromango on the 10th – in exchange for another thirty pounds.
IMG_7851  IMG_7856
A stroll past the Community Centre and Post Office and it was time for lunch.
A very strange business........... We walked past a Land Rover, nothing odd about that but not only is this the first car we have seen on the island, we are left to wonder why......... as there are no roads...........
After lunch we went ashore and found ourselves in the well stocked library. There we met Jen, a Peace Corps worker in education, currently acting as the local librarian. Her local language was incredible as we listened to her chatting to the children as they came in to swap books or ask to sit quietly and read. The dog is called Couscous and belongs to Jen’s adoptive family. Three o’clock came so quickly and the bell went for days end. Jen was off to the river and asked if we would like to go with her.
A ten minute walk, with everyone greeting us as we went, we stood and looked left, a pretty view. 
IMG_7868  IMG_7869
Jen pointed to the deep bit to jump and off she went.
IMG_7870  IMG_7871
Followed by Bear.
Further down the river many ladies attended to laundry as children splashed and laughed. 
A rare sight for us to see a porker freely snuffling about. On average, each household has five pigs and sixteen chickens and play an important part in subsistence agriculture as well as playing a significant role in ceremonies and customs – especially the pigs.
IMG_7884  IMG_7883  IMG_7888
Nice to see some blooms on our walk back to the village.
We bade our thanks and farewells to Jen. We wish her every happiness in the future, whatever that may be, and will watch as she takes off tomorrow for a well earned break in Port Vila.
On our way back to Beez we see a now common sight. This youngster waved heartily and carried on paddling his canoe.
IMG_7926  IMG_7924
Inbound and landing, nice to see a sea bird.
Beez on her own in the massive bay.
IMG_7934  IMG_7936
We never tire of coming up on Beez, resplendent in the late afternoon sun.
                     A LOVELY DAY WITH LOVELY PEOPLE