Bora Pulls It Back

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 28 Sep 2013 22:47
Bora Bora Pulls It Back From the Brink
IMG_4928    IMG_4929
Today, our last on Bora Bora, we decided we simply had to go in search of the cannons (own blog). We set off in Baby Beez for the Yacht Club, round the corner. We asked the barman where the said cannon were, and he pointed up the hill, half way back to where we had started out from Beez. Off we went in that direction, hoping the locals would point us up the track we were now on the look out for.
IMG_4925  IMG_4926
Along the way, it would have been rude not to stop and admire this ‘shack with a view’.
IMG_4913  IMG_4914  IMG_4915
A ‘one carefully owned’ rescue launch.
IMG_4917  IMG_4942  IMG_5041
In fact, one careful owner entries came at us thick and fast in the shape of a wheelbarrow, house and a ‘not sure’.
We haven’t had a Berger House for quite a while.
IMG_4938  IMG_4932  IMG_4936
I keep saying – no more hibiscus – oh well. Some sweet-scented frangipani too.
We told this chap that we were going to enter him in the One Carefully Owned Dog Award and he became all bashful.
IMG_4939  IMG_4940  IMG_4920
As we were admiring these tree ornaments, this chap appeared, using leaves to sweep his yard.
A happy little house. We spoke to a chap out walking and he pointed us to another group, who pointed up the hill and told us there was no way up. We were instructed to walk back to the Yacht Club and beyond, as far as the commercial quay. Then take a right up a steep track, follow it all the way to the end – in fact, end up above where we were standing now..........Grrrrrrrrrr. Back we went. En route a truck stopped and a young family wanted to put us in the back and take us to the supermarket. Bless them.
Word had now gone round about English nutters out in the sun, seeking WWII cannons. Everyone now stopped to add there bit of the story, Polynesian, French and Frenglish. As we neared the commercial dock another family stopped at the track and began pointing up.
IMG_5025  IMG_5024
Here we go then – finally. A bit more then.....
Half way up.
Great views.
And yes, the captain got his trigger finger picture.
IMG_5054  IMG_5052
When we got back to base I needed a stiff cocktail, so did I.
IMG_5059  IMG_5060
Exactly centre of these pictures taken from Bora Bora Yacht Club, you can just make out the speck (cannon).
Same picture, bigger lens, cannon clear now. So we walked from here to there, back again and more, up the track back to the cannons at the right level now, and back again.
IMG_5062  IMG_5064
Time to add our names to the Union Jack, next to Chris and Steve of Scott-Free.
Now it was time to get party frocks on and attend the second anniversary party of our anchorage. What a night. The owners had brought in a DJ from France called Angie. There we were thinking that time had moved on from DJ’s playing 45’s, but mixing and dubbing as she went was something to behold. A great night out with loads of other yachties, locals and one has to say, today brought Bora Bora back from the brink of being labeled a “one carefully owned island.”