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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 22 Jun 2018 22:57
The Circus with Jack and Seth
The school field looked lovely in the afternoon sunshine as we bimbled toward the Happy Circus. We enjoyed the various stalls put on by the school, Kate won a bottle of wine and Bear two bottles of beer on the tombola stall.
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Bear and Jack enjoyed an ice cream before we settled in the Big Top, soon Mr Happy was entertaining us, ably assisted by Serhiy the clown.
The show was well attended.
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We were introduced to all the performers.
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Pippa Lee performed on the low wire and the children loved her bubble finale.
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A juggler who finished with seven balls.
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Micaela Cardona represents the fifth generation of the famous Cardona family of Italy. Micaela’s mum taught her the high-bicycle balance act. She speaks five languages including Russian.
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Micaela finished her act by balancing a sword on her forehead.
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Sergey entertained us on the high straps.
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Shaun Lee showed us his skills as an escapologist before the interval, a man and a lady from the audience checking the padlocks and chains, assisted by his wife Pippa. Later, they came back and Pippa folded herself in a box and Shaun showed two tubes into the cabinet and pulled the bottom half making Pippa into a zig-zag.
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Sergey made another appearance, this time with his wife Svetlana, (both from the Ukraine) a mix of impressive gymnastics, balance and acrobatics.
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Mr Slinky was fun to watch, flinging his elongated arms and legs about.
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The last act was the gymnast from the Ukraine who wowed the audience on the silks.
The cast appeared for their final bow and off we went.
                     GREAT FUN FOR THE KIDS