Day 6 to SA

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 6 Nov 2019 06:00
21:15.265 S   35:43.221 E
Day Six to SA (Well now to Bazaruto, Mozambique)
I came on at ten to find Bear had completed 26.7 nmiles in his four hour shift. I got a piece of wahoo out to defrost for his lunch but soon my wind had dropped to between eight and ten knots but the current had us maintaining a speed flashing between 4.3 to 6.8 knots.
Our daily email had Des pondering on a ‘maybe’ that the window may or not be reopening but for safety sake bade us head toward Bazaruto and he would confirm on the morrow.
Bear emptied 140 litres of diesel into the tank so now we are once again full. We chatted to Margrethe (Danish) in the afternoon who relayed Des’s message to Bonnie of Stockholm further away. Whilst we waited for Bear’s fish to cook I snuck a five two win on the backgammon board. Growling. Well, he did ruin my seven game winning streak but you have now won the last two AND over seven hundred dollars up on the money front. Yep and long may my pot continue to grow. Growling harder. To make up to the disgruntled skipper I paired his fish with new potatoes and salad. Mmmm, soothing or bribing me with food eh....... 
The sea a gorgeous colour with the current hoofing us along.
When I went on duty at two Bear told me he had had to put two reefs in the genoa or we would be in during darkness, now we expect to reach the entrance at around ten, then a couple of hours to ‘wiggle’ in between the sand banks.
I had a pleasant night shift and slowly gained on Serafina, now just 1.8 nmiles ahead who had hove to overnight. With the aid of the current a happy 149.2 nmiles done in the last twenty-four hours
                     GREAT PROGRESS