Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 29 Jul 2015 22:57
To Musket Cove Yacht Club, Malolo Island
 We woke this morning in Momi Bay to find a Pilot boat on the only mooring ball we had seen empty last night.
Well colour me happy, there was activity aboard.
Off she sped and deep joy, a chum just poking her face out.
Oh, what a way to enjoy my cereal – watching a working girl and a chum – the reef just seen as a white line to the left.
Just about to overtake a yacht.
How tiny that yacht looks as the chum passes her.
Aye up, Maj getting ready to move. Bear immediately nipped forward to anchor position and we drift off for the ten mile journey ‘around the corner’, through a reef system and on to Musket Cove Resort and Marina.
We leave the anchorage and follow Curly’s excellent waypoints through deep water. Over to our left we see a couple of islets with sandy beaches and a couple of day boats, maybe worth a stop on the way out, for now we have a sharp right turn.
Our first look at Malolo Island. Sadly, very dull as Mr Sun has forgotten to put his hat on and show his full glory...........and warmth. I know by UK standards I shouldn’t whinge, but we are in the Tropics, Guv. Another sharp right ahead.
On our left we see a strange sight. Bear in mind we are in eighty feet of water, there are people standing on sand watching us go by. Apparently there is a reef worth snorkelling for the fish. All these waters are a ‘no fishing’ area so all things below the surface are abundant. That’s a must then.
Stakes thoughtfully mark edges of reefs and we take a turn around the anchorage to find as near to fifteen metres to anchor in. We see so many boats we recognise or know and after being in such isolated places this makes for a really nice change. Resort longboats whizz about, we see a paraglider or two and all the trappings of tourist activities. This could be fun. Scott-Free settle first and despite desperately trying not to, we end up close enough to set up a rope-and-pulley-system for a beer o’clock. Sheer Tenacity Rod appears and transports us over [sadly, Mary is poorly] and within minutes Rod, Brenda, Kaz – Brenda’s sister from State of Mind and shortly Alita are all enjoying a post anchoring libation. This is going to be fun.
IMG_2127  IMG_2128  IMG_2129
At the beach bar later on there was Alita, Beez Neez, Huck, Red, Sheer Tenacity, State of Mind, all the ICA Rally boats – many we met in Opua, all exchanging tales of life since we last met up. Tomorrow is Brenda’s fiftieth and the next Rod’s birthday, so we are in for a messy few days. It was decided at some point during the evening that Brenda’s do would begin here with drinks and a bring-your-own-to-barbecue, using the coin-operated slabs, the bar lends out crockery and cutlery, bring something to share and later back to State of mind. We love it when a plan comes together and we stopped at Plan A. Do hope the wind drops a bit and the sun decides to put in an appearance........ Wonderful getting back amongst this big group of like-minded nutters............
The open-air heating system could come in handy if it gets too much colder...........
The edge of the anchorage at dusk.
Lovely pinks over the Plantation Resort, next door.