Hellville Diesel Run

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 2 Aug 2019 23:57
Hellville Diesel Run
After a very loud night of festival revelry, my morning cup of tea was pure nectar. As Bear ate his crunchy muesli, now with fresh pawpaw and banana, we watched a Perception and a New Tricks. Bear then bustled about gathering empty jerry jugs and removing the broken stern ladder. We found Jean Louie yesterday who will weld the top step today. A local ferry went by and judging by the lowness of the outboard – very heavily laden.
Met by Jimmy, we looked out over the busy jetty (Beez Neez above yellow arrow).
IMG_0007  IMG_0008
Within minutes he had found us a taxi, loaded the jerry jugs and off we went. It’s been years since I sat on a wheel arch. Beside me, the back doors are vaguely held shut with a bit of string. We asked our driver to stop at an ATM and then the bread shop to buy a couple of French sticks. That done we went the short distance to the petrol station.
120 litres of diesel and 20 litres of petrol cost £110.
IMG_0026 - Copy
The Malagasy Ariary is quite a pretty currency. A very common one for us will be the 500 (each) 11 pence, or the 1000 (both of us) to give the tuktuk drivers, the cost anywhere in town to the port.
IMG_0027 - Copy
We need 5000 for half a day for Baby Beez care at the jetty.
The ‘top’ of town.
From my perch in the back a fountain at a roundabout.
IMG_0014  IMG_0016
Back aboard I made a party for lunch because we have the ‘stuff’ yay. Bear had a glass of rose, small salad, chunks of French stick, camembert, a couple of pickled asparagus stems, a slice of ham, a couple of slices of chorizo and a lump of watermelon. A party indeed, a wonderful, awesome party. I prefer butter and marmite in my chunk of bread, but I did have some brie and some of my baby gherkins/silverskins combo. After such a treat I was highly offended to be beaten at backgammon. I left Bear to fill the big girl’s tank and went to do chores and banking. Late afternoon we decided to watch one of our Attenborough Madagascar nature programs, toward the end there was a knock and Bear found Ishmael waving Beez newly welded stern ladder (£27). Jean Louie himself will have to come and access the side bar that needs some attention since the wave took out the joint and solar panel.
I was even more offended to lose at Mex Train Doms I think the band drummer marking time (for ages) put me off my stroke. Bear had the same supper as last night with the addition of some ratatouille. Lovely to watch a tiny local boat with three people on board mince through the anchorage. After showers another Madagascar and a Perception, the festival has just kicked up a gear, another long night of noise.
                     EASY SUCCESS