Beez to 25th March

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 25 Mar 2018 22:57
Beez Neez to the 25th of March 2018
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Monday. The week began with Bear mourning the loss of his main chewing chap and tending to the sore hole. I hate the mouthwash you bought me. Poor boy. Meanwhile, I was painting everything white that I could possibly reach when I heard a clattering. Launching up and out of Beez, four faces looked at me in abject shock – headphones on, Snoopy purse dangling around my neck holding my little IPod as I was listening to a book called Envy. Ooops I only had a sports bra and shorts on (mind you, that’s more than I usually wear, so it could have been much, much worse). Sorry to my Muslim workers but something had to be stopped. By the look on their faces they were terrified that the Mrs was clearly angry. They all raced to floor level. I grabbed a top and descended minus story apparatus. The boys had been taking down Beez scaffolding. “But Mrs, she finished”. ON NO SHE ISN’T. At that very moment Bear appeared and was immediately dispatched to find Jimmy. I stood hands on hips (not my preferred stance) but it kept the four men cowering in a huddle. Fifteen minutes later Jimmy appeared in his truck. Now Jimmy comes up to about my shoulder height but seemed so much shorter as I pulled myself to present the biggest obstacle he will have to face, perhaps this year. I very quietly pointed out that Beez was indeed not finished, I didn’t expect one of the boys to tell me she was finished as I expected the boss to go around the girl before anything was signed off and paid. That was not happening today as there are more tears, runs and dust smotes than you can shake a stick at. My comment was that whilst I don’t expect Beez to have a Porsche finish, I expect her to look a bit better than if I had wielded the spray gun. “Oo Yes, I understand”. In Malaysian the boys were reassured there would be no blood spilt but perhaps they should put the scaffolding back in place. I returned to my story, hard paintbrush and chewed on a carrot.
Tuesday was spent with Bear ferrying ‘stuff’ back to Beez whilst I cleaned and put 404 to rights.
Wednesday. First thing we emptied the fridge/freezer at 404, gave the keys back to Miss Ling at ten – she was impressed at how clean everything was and couldn’t give us our deposit back fast enough. Back home I began putting things away and Bear fitted our new water maker gauge. This had its own tale. The lovely Trinidadian company sent it to us free of charge but Customs here wanted eleven pounds (supposed to be 6% tax). Ruz in the office was having none of it. She efficiently handles all Boatie (meaning Bend Over and Take It – Easy) or Yachtie (You Always Court Hardship, then Invite Excitement), anyhoo Ruz rang several time to get Customs to see the error of their ways and got nowhere. She then involved James, the wonderful Marina Manager. He was outraged, “if you let them start this business.........” Result, Bear got his parcel, no charge and now fitted in its shiny glory. Mr Razili came to measure for new covers for our three piece suits and I rummaged in cupboards.
Thursday home. After a good nights sleep in our own bed, what better way to celebrate than with boiled eggs, No disappointment with this beauty of an egg event. Heaven. I continued rummaging about in cupboards and began my stock audit because Bear wanted the engine area out of bounds to me. He started fitting the girls new alternator, a powerful piece of kit giving twice the grunt than we had before.
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Yesterday the new alternator, today the new electrickery. I packed for Nepal as my case was to hand and it saved putting stuff away that I wanted with me. We leave Beez this time next week - coming at us like a speeding train.
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The rest of the week was spent sorting and tidying, not wanting to take on any new projects until we had filled several boxes for the charity shop, very therapeutic too. Tonight Claudia and Craig (Gallivanter) took us to the chef training school restaurant where we all ordered steaks. Bear had prawn topping and I had salmon. Sadly, they mixed our meats and as mine leaked red stuff and Bear’s didn’t – we soon swapped.
Celebrating another week hard at chores...............
.............combining date night....
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As a real treat we all had afters. The boys had banana boat and the girls had three dollops of ice cream.
Poor Beez has to face the indignity of being stripped bare, yet again.
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