Sampan Ride, Aberdeen

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 29 Dec 2018 23:47
Sampan Ride, Aberdeen Harbour
We had a slack start after such a long day yesterday. The plan today – sampan ride and harbour tour. We took the local bus to the Star Ferry, crossed to Hong Kong Island where we jumped on the waiting green route bus at the yellow arrow. Wiggle all through the streets to the red arrow at the Peak Tram, follow the audio tour with interest to the white arrow, then long tunnel and pop out on the inset map.
Freeze in the stiff breeze around 19, 20, Stanley and all the way to Aberdeen at 22. Two hours door to door this had better be worth it........
IMG_0055  IMG_0056
We saw the little steeds waiting quietly and were soon ushered aboard.
Our skipper was settled at a very busy nav station
An intense look as we set off, loved the pink peg holding her jacket closed.
A trio of traditional craft.
IMG_0062  IMG_0063
A well padded girl and a tray of mother-in-laws tongue ???
A graceful working home.
A modern home looks like a floating caravan.
Tradition and modern. Traditional homes of the Yau Ma Tei Boat People. Many were offered houses ashore but the older folk stayed put. Most are Tanka People, they never turn food over especially fish and never use the word chen which means sinking.
IMG_0067  IMG_0068
Messy girls.
It now seems common to see old alongside new.
IMG_0071  IMG_0075
Now we are amongst the fishing girls.
Wooden tourist boats.
IMG_0077  IMG_0079
A policeman nipped by and I called this ‘a work in progress’.
Metal framed boat works. The green matting in the background covers bamboo scaffolding - even very tall buildings, including skyscrapers still use this in preference to more modern materials......
Wooden boat works.
This behemoth of a floating restaurant has been in operation since 1976.
The people in the queue will have to wait about an hour to be seated. Of the seven passengers our skipper seem to think that some of us wanted to be dropped off for a meal. She faffed about here which meant we missed the next bus, the one after that was full as no one got off and so we stood for an hour. Really chippy now. So did we enjoy our journey ??? Ummmm and Yeah, pity she was so miserable. OK then. We turn to head back..................
Looking back along the line of fishermen.
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