Panga Ride

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 26 Apr 2013 21:57
A Panga Ride Around Punta Cormorant
BB Floreana 040  BB Floreana 041
Bear and I are used to loading first into the Panga – to act as ballast and help with planeing. Chino and me in deep Spanglish conversation as we wait for the others.
BB Floreana 052
 No sooner than we had begun our spuddle than a big lady swam by..........
BF Floreana 209
 ...............and another said “Hi”.
BF Floreana 207
A speedy chap popped up. 
BB Floreana 069
We spuddled along parallel Floreana.
BB Floreana 063
We left the Galapagos Vision behind us.
BB Floreana 061
Headed toward rocks with a guard on duty
BB Floreana 065
Chino wiggled us through some rocks and we saw a beach with – surprise – the sleeping masses.
BF Floreana 215
As we drew closer the man in charge leapt up and began growling and barking.
BF Floreana 224  BF Floreana 223  BF Floreana 219
He woke some of the little ones who took to the water.
BF Floreana 226
This tiny chap look terrified
BB Floreana 070
We passed a barren vista and headed back.
BF Floreana 220
BB Floreana 106  BB Floreana 107  BF Floreana 222
A couple of youngsters had fun following us.