Wig Moves

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Thu 7 Mar 2013 23:51
Wig Moved Just A Little
BB Wig Moves 001
This was the scene next to us, outside the shop where we go to do our internet stuff. The game on the television was Manchester United verses Real Madrid. The noise you cannot imagine. The chap nearest to me spoke quite good English and apologised every time I jumped, the fellow the other side of him was clearly a RM fan of the highest order and LOUD (the one who made me jump with his sudden shouts and skyward vaults). Actually all these intent faces leapt to their feet as soon as any player on either side got near the goal - many beers helped calm nerves. We weren’t a bit sorry when it was time to go back to Beez.
BB Wig Moves 037  BB Wig Moves 038
We cross the road from the shops, walk back by the marina at the start of the causeway, turn into the marina car park and half way along, as has become our custom, look for wig. His tree (looking back) is by the red and white post. Looking toward the marina building, wigs tree is just on the right.
BB Wig Moves 004  BB Wig Moves 010
We think the football fans woke wig from the other side of the causeway.
BB Wig Moves 017  BB Wig Moves 021
BB Wig Moves 023
Hang on, this is wig – although he did grace us with a stretch before going back to sleep
BB Wig Moves 029  BB Wig Moves 031  BB Wig Moves 032
BB Wig Moves 030
So this is wigs friend
BB Wig Moves 013
BB Wig Moves 016  BB Wig Moves 008  BB Wig Moves 015
BB Wig Moves 019
BB Wig Moves 033  BB Wig Moves 036  BB Wig Moves 026
Quite the acrobat – all in slow motion.
BB Wig Moves 028  BB Wig Moves 035
Meanwhile Wig had a little adjustment and tucked in tighter
BB Wig Moves 010  BB Wig Moves 027  BB Wig Moves 013
BB Wig Moves 012
Wigs friend shows us slow agility to get to the tender leaves
BB Wig Moves 039  BB Wig Moves 040
We leave wig and his friend and wander back to the dinghy dock. No wonder there are the odd ‘accidents’ when you see how the ferry has to wiggle in to the swaying mass of tenders.
BB Wig Moves 041
Back aboard Beez Neez we see a familiar sight, the yacht on the left is Saliander (Pete and Ray from New Zealand, we met in Providencia) safely through after their transit.
BB Wig Moves 042
The unfamiliar sight is US Warship 43, en route to transit the other way.
BB Wig Moves 011