To Katsepe

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 28 Oct 2019 23:57
15:46.391 S  46:14.857 E
To Katsepe
IMG_0002  IMG_0003
As we are the slowest boat in the fleet we left Point Anpasilava at two this morning. Pink sky at 04:39 and 04:54.
IMG_0005  IMG_0010
Five and half past.
Nice to see the skipper ‘back in the groove’...........
Serafina and a local boat. By seven the fleet have overtaken us.
IMG_0014  IMG_0015
The mainland to our left and lots of fishermen, who sail out, drop their main and get down to the days business.
Serafina stayed with us and a local waved.
Approaching Mahajunga we saw more clay along the shore.
A local standing on his outrigger, at times knee deep in water as the sea turned a browner shade.
Crossing the wide entrance between Mahajunga and Katsepe – a chum, yay.
Avisoa 1  Avisoa
I used my snipping tool to show her details.
IMG_0032  IMG_0035
In the middle of the bay the water became very red.
As we neared the anchorage and shallower water the red was very pronounced. I left the rope in the picture to show I didn’t need to enhance the colour.
Our journey today of 62.58 nmiles. The afternoon wind saw us flying along at eight knots, yeeha.
Bit of drama as Serafina came in to anchor and the stiff breeze took his beak. Fast to the wheel and hard in reverse, Fred sadly managed to hook Alexandra’s anchor line and they kissed for a time. Fenders insured no damage and all was well soon after. Trevor popped over to tell us that he organised Patrick to pick all the men of the fleet up at nine in the morning to do a diesel run in Mahajunga and then for the boys to pop to the supermarket after all the jerry jugs were aboard his little ferry. Well done and thank you to Trevor.
Bear was tired and settled early, me an hour later. Our mini-drama began at eleven o’clock when a jerry jug slithered across the deck. Rolly anchorage or what. While he was outside he heard a rattle and went to attend to and fell in the water. After a quick shower he came in and this is what I saw. He had no idea....... I know I don’t usually put a picture of my skipper’s bare bottom on the blog but needs must as they say.......
                     A GOOD FAST SAIL