Villa Week 19

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 1 Aug 2020 23:57
Week Nineteen at Sleeping Indian
P7260004  P7260007
Sunday the 26th of July. Slack day, wonderful Aunt Ett’s, Bear came in and settled to a splendid egg event. Finished series five of Line of Duty, very good indeed.
I polished and put together the newly sprayed frames for the Vietnamese embroidered pictures. Then I picked all the butterflies from their plastic printed sheets. (bottom right). They will be joined by 96 more multi-coloured and 48 blue chaps to form a swarm above the light on the easy turn of the stairs. A little colourful input from me...... We both pottered a tiny bit and I made Bear chicken stew.......
Monday the 27th. Finished tiling the kitchen with Bear doing all the cutting as we went along. Andrea popped in as she had a splinter in an inaccessible place under her big toe, we enjoyed a quick Prosecco and a selfie.
Tuesday the 28th. Bear went to visit Beez to make sure she was settled and ready for ‘the big blow’ expected overnight and tomorrow. Before he left he made up some grout for me and I finished the bits of tiling I did yesterday. I thought he would be gone for most of the day but there he was just after midday and just as I had finished my job. After lunch he had the cheek to beat me five three at backgammon but did make my lunch...... still growled a bit though. I folded myself into the understairs cupboard to slop emulsion about (literally). Each and every time we sweep more sand and dust just rubs up, so lets see if the slopping dries and seals (it did). Bear sanded the staircase and the some of the lounge skirting. Email from the marina and we confirmed by looking at the NOAA site that we may get a big blow over the next couple of days, so the biggest job of the day was to bring in planters, bikes and plywood sheets that made the lounge look like a Bring and Buy before the stalls are sorted out.......
P7290013  P7290012
......then we settled the deck furniture inside (left and right) behind the hurricane shutter. All done by six and we were ready to shut down. The Government have a State of Emergency whereby the Prime Minister can act quickly taking decisions of note and use the military when necessary. He sent out a message saying that due to the expected winds only essential workers should go out tomorrow.
P7290008  P7290010
Wednesday the 29th.  Very heavy rain at four this morning but the expected forty knot winds didn’t happen. Bear suggested boiled eggs, wow, another perfect treat and two super egg events for Bear. Must check armpits for feathers soon, but hey, no complaints from me. Rained on and off during the day.
P8010018  P8010019
I put a freshening coat on the kitchen wall and set up the coffee machines and flower display after hanging the net curtain post quick canter on the sewing machine. Bear put the planters out but before he moved the troughs I removed the bulbs that have proven not to be baby hyacinths but leggy, ugly things with no actual flowers. I won five three at backgammon but lost by three, I say again THREE at Mexican Train, definite growling – loudly. Late dip, supper and then watched Black Panther – a film for a change.
Thursday the 30th. Bear finished the next lot of sanding and filling on the staircase, he sanded the skirting boards, then went to see Beez. Just as well as he found leaves blocking her cockpit drain holes. Must make a basket to prevent that happening again. After lunch and a backgammon win for me (my turn to growl loudly) the dust had settled enough for us to wash and then me paint the skirting behind the settees. Bear settled to cleaning all the door furniture, I put a freshening coat along the front door side of the kitchen then we went for a late dip. On our return we put the bookcase back in place, added the books and the newly sprayed vase for the flower display. So nice for us to do a ‘little prettying’ for a change. Windy overnight as feeder wind aided Isaias on his track toward the Bahamas and Florida, so hope he dissipates and causes no problems.
P7290011  Lounge
Friday the 31st. We began the day by putting a third coat of tile sealer and later, after it had dried parked the BBQ where it should be. Sorted the lounge putting ‘stuff’ in forever homes, in the afternoon I painted around the door frames and Bear put up our new utility room light – hurrah brightness at last. The lounge from this – yesterday to this – today.......We were on target........
Saturday the 1st of August. Bear put the door furniture on and hung the utility and toilet doors while I painted the staircase (first coat of gloss) and then after a good hand scrub began cooking. Our target was to welcome Andrea to dinner for Swiss National Day (and Yorkshire). Last night before going to sleep I printed out Happy Swiss National Day in Nepali, French, English, German, Chinese and Zulu, sadly, the printer decided red was out of its reach so the Swiss flag has changed to green........ We hung string from the ends of the curtains and pegged up the posters adding red and white rises and hastily shaped pipe cleaners. We managed a brief dip, hair cut for Bear, shower and ready with snacks and dips by six thirty. Whoever said retirement could be boring.......
P8010025  P8010026  P8010028
We sat in candlelight on the deck with the snacks and dips together with a glass of Cava that Andrea had kindly brought with her. Bear had nipped out this afternoon for Swiss Lindor and I laid a copy of the posters in the good lady’s place. She was thrilled to say the least. Quick picture of Andrea and Bear. By the time we had enjoyed our starter and chatted it was a quarter to nine. No one fancied mains so we had cake and ice cream. The words were out in a flash, come back tomorrow night for mains – no messing with snacks or starter and come hungry. Done. Tomorrow at seven. Curfew is still in place for eleven so Bear walked Andrea home, I tidied and we both agreed that this had been our most productive – in terms of changes – week.
In other news. The first tourist BA flight landed this evening – full and flies out tomorrow.
Covid positive cases now stands at 96.
No sign of our four kitchen cupboard doors.
My Fit Bit still going mad, thinks I have done 46,854 stomps – three times my target of 4,000....... Mmmm.
                     REALLY CAN SEE A DIFFERENCE NOW