To Moonboom

To Moonboom
Jim and Pam met us first thing for a coffee. We enjoyed an hour then it was sadly time to say our ‘thank you’ and ‘farewell’. We have had a smashing time here in Tin Can Bay, our lovely weekend in Cooloola at Jim and Pam’s who showed us around some wonderful sights – favourite being the Carlo Sandblow. We could always spend so much longer at stops especially with friends but as always have to tear ourselves away.
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Tin Can Bay Marina, the restaurant and the shower block. Comfortable, clean and highly recommended.
We like the way they roll here, a lady taking a breather from mowing.
IMG_6095  IMG_6098
Beez in her slot, the very first time we have had nought on the wind scale. Bear undid all the tethers and we stayed put, a real first........ Off we went on a rising tide at ten past eleven. European settlement began here in the 1870’s as the point where logs would be floated to the timber mills at Maryborough. Tin Can Bay later became, and still remains, an important fishing port, with a focus on prawns as well as recreational fishing. There is an excellent public boat ramp into Snapper Creek with boat-washing facilities and ample trailer parking.
DSC_2757  DSC_2764
We watched Jim sprint down to take our picture as we went past the Yacht Club. Catching Pam mid-wave looks as if she is pointing our way out to sea.
Out into the Fairway. In the distance we could see the Carlo Sandblow.
Closer to the sandblow.
DSC_2774  DSC_2779
Inskip Point and the ferry setting off.
A fire around the corner.
IMG_6111  IMG_6114
Our next left...... One of the local ladies coming in after a long working night.
IMG_6096  Capture  Moonboom
We left Tin Can Bay - it is suggested that the town's name derives from the indigenous word, "Tuncanbar", thought to refer to the dugongs that frequent the inlet, no dugongs for us but a dolphin did come over for a quick visit. Instead of turning right and going over the Wide Bay Bar beyond Inskip Point, we turned left and wiggled our way through the marked channel seeing how far we could get by four o’clock-ish. As it happened – Moonboom Island.
IMG_6117  IMG_6121
We headed to a recommended anchorage, that on the map, looks like a narrow passage but in reality a huge open space.
IMG_6119  IMG_6118
The view to our left and to the right. Amazing to think, just like on the ICW in America, we can be in the middle of nowhere with not a house, light, or anything as far as the eye can see.


This evenings sunset was not spectacular compared to last nights but it was lovely to hear the birds chirping as they roosted.
I was having a successful time on the field of Mexican train dominoes but as the games went on the flies became a real nuisance. They may be small but they began to buzz ears and eyes, we looked up to see hundreds of the teeny weeny pest flitting around the cockpit light. I had what I thought was a brainwave.........I sprayed toward the light. Mmmm. All that happened was a fine tilth of spray landed all over the table followed by the dead and dying........ We finished the eights and gave in, leaving the game where it was as the pieces will probably need a wash, the cloth will need a good soaking and the bodies will need to be swept up – we so hope its just here and not all the way to Cairns......... In we went, in the dark, in went the doors because the distractions are so tiny we didn’t want to risk them sneaking in through the mossie netted screen. That done we could switch the indoor lights on and enjoy supper in peace. Final episode of Believe and settled for the night.