SOH to St. Mary's

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 24 Dec 2015 23:47
Sydney Opera House Back to St. Mary’s Cathedral
After we had said our farewells to Lesley, Nick, Charlotte and Sam we sat and watched the world go by and then bimbled past the fountain along the way.
We engaged in some window shopping. I fell in love with a possum fur sleeveless cardigan in the Ugg shop [not one bit practical to a yacht dweller, but I did stroke it lovingly] and Bear held several articles such as cork screws, beer top openers and paperweights made from the dangly bits of kangaroos, as you do. Next along was a shiny shop with a definite male in the window.
IMG_1270  IMG_1271  IMG_1275
Street performers from Los Angeles gathered quite a crowd as they danced, tumbled and balanced.
A brilliant living statue had these little girls spellbound. Very clever.
This very talented artist has been working on this huge piece for eight hundred hours.
We had met number eleven in the Botanical Garden, this was number thirty nine of the white ibis sort.
Happy Boy with the Opera House over his right arm.
I was made to pose too.
IMG_1285  IMG_1286
We sat and listened to the incredibly talented Jack Dawson. First up was Bob Dylan’s Just Like a Woman then he flipped his guitar and played it like a slide, tapped the strings, hand-over fretting and numerous other things to make some great sounds. Bear bought me his CD for five pounds, as a tree present.
IMG_1287  IMG_1288
We bimbled toward the Rocks and stopped on the waterfront for a drink and to enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere.
This area is all about side streets and cafes tucked along alleys.
IMG_1291  IMG_1292  IMG_1293
The street market had sadly closed for a two week break but we spent time in the Information Centre and gathered loads of pamphlets to study. Next stop was a tea shop that had the naughtiest cakes ever – including meringue pie standing nine inches tall. Just a cup of tea we had said firmly on the way in. I couldn’t resist the banoffee pie, Bear had ice cream with caramel sauce. Bear then insisted we get a taxi back to the cathedral, just enough time to admire a cheeky reindeer in the pub window next door.
The tree as we left the Cathedral. Merry Christmas everyone. xx xx 
                     WONDERFUL DAY