Yomi and Keta

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Sun 25 Sep 2016 22:17
Yomi and Keta
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We met Yomi after our ice cream during our visit to the Bali Bird Park. He along with his wife Keta were posing with tourists by the lake and no sooner than I raised the camera than he quickly checked his appearance.........
.......ready for his head shot. Yomi, you look stunning.
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Keta, is definitely the bird worlds answer to Keef Richards.
Our first pose with this wonderful, faithful pair was a giggle. Yomi decided his itch was greater than the second it would take to hear the camera click. Keta was not amused and let out such a huge “honk”. She then noticed my hair tie had a tiny sliver of shiny (the staple-ee bit to the elastic), she gently investigated which brought their keeper forward from behind the camera to get hold of both their bills and make them face forward. It was hard not to laugh.
IMG_5048  IMG_5049
I got to hold the pair by myself, it was like having a bag of sugar on each shoulder - Yomi quite a bit heavier in fact - I had to put my hand on my hip to support his weight. A quick nuzzle into Yomi and both birds looked right at something that caught their attention. WOW. Time for fun shots.


                     REALLY GREAT FUN