Sun Gate

Our Ascent to Sun Gate, Machu Picchu
Half way and already the view is awesome
We got on the number nineteen bus at eight ten, got off at eight thirty five and began our slow walk up to Sun Gate. We got to the top at five to eleven, the book had said forty five minutes, we were happier to go much slower with frequent rest stops. One nutter did it in twenty eight minutes, good on him.
The next bit up was a gentler business, the last bit was a bit tough
We make it to the top and sit to take it in. We even had Alan's welcoming committee in loads of butterflies
Our proof pictures
Up here we are at thirteen degrees, ten minutes point ten South - seventy two degrees, thirty two minutes point zero one West. Our altitude is nine thousand and thirty nine feet above sea level and a height increase of one thousand and sixty nine feet higher than the Machu Picchu ruins.
Proof picture for Beds
We begin our slow walk down at eleven thirty admiring the views as we go
The buses looked diddy
The ruins look small from up here
Some running repairs on the wall
We decide to head down to the Watchman's Hut as we didn't go there yesterday
The wanderers en route
Bear at the Watchman's Hut
The views from here were incredible but the one we went for was...........