Bye Bye Mabel

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 8 Oct 2014 22:57
Bye Bye Mabel but Beez Needs Us Now
IMG_7477  IMG_7478
Sunday the 5th began with a mammoth shopping do, tins for a next year, or so it seems when you look at the carriers bags adorning Mabel. In the evening we went to State of Mind where Brenda put on the most incredible lamb dinner. Smashing to see Rod and Brenda. Guy one of their friends was there and also Steve and Chris recently back from their UK trip. Fantastic to see them and catch up. We slept on Mabel in the marina car park just as we had done at the beginning of our road trip.
Monday the 6th. We popped in to say farewell to Brenda and headed north to see the ‘Father of the Forest’ a massive kauri tree. Sadly the rain saw off any scenery shots but it held off for our forest walk. Then home to Beez Neez who was very pleased to see us and looking mighty fine. Very pleased to report our windows work and no leaks, what a relief. It was late so we slept on Mabel for the last time.
Tuesday the 7th we spent the day unloading Mabel, hoisting ‘stuff’ up on the pulley. I cannot begin to describe what the Beez looks like, but a mass of bags everywhere. We spent the afternoon cleaning Mabel and popped in to see Rod and Mary en route to shower. Very pleased to snuggle in our own pit, sitting up for a late chicken salad and a terrible film, marvellous.
Wednesday the 8th we got on the road to deliver Mabel back to Auckland. No sooner than we were on the main road than Bear slowed to see the top of a house on a transporter. Whatever next.
IMG_7480  IMG_7481
The smiling skipper showing off his head injury. He tripped in the cockpit and head butted the spare anchor. I will have to buy him a hard hat methinks.
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The scenery seems so familiar to us between Opua and Auckland.
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At quarter to one we pulled in to the Apollo place near the airport. One of the chaps was just about to leave on an airport run so we were processed in double quick time.
IMG_7491  IMG_7495
Bear patted Mabel, I gave her a kiss. We had done five thousand four hundred and forty six and a bit miles in her, had a terrific road trip in one hundred days. Such memories.
Waiting for the bus in to Auckland things felt a little strange. I saw a bug so all will be well.
IMG_7497  IMG_7506  IMG_7502
We bimbled around a few shops. I very half-heartedly took pictures of information boards. Smiled that a giraffe had come through the Port of Auckland.
Even these three lovelies couldn’t lift us so we had a cup of tea then went for our Naked Bus home.
IMG_7516  IMG_7525
A pretty sky and a full moon, seemed appropriate. We hope Mabel had fun with us and we hope she gets a rest now.
                     HAPPY TO BE HOME