Leaving St Helena

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 16 Feb 2020 18:40
Leaving St Helena
We started the day, as every good Sunday should with our final eggs from South Africa. Perfect. Then Bear settled to fitting the alternator and its belt. All well, what a relief. Then as I tidied and got ‘things’ out for our 3,900 nautical mile journey to Jolly Harbour, Antigua, Bear changed the oil. This will be our longest passage but we expect more of the same as on the journey to St Helena. We hope to arrive in 32 to 33 days depending on how kind The Doldrums are and our last tipple with King Neptune as we cross the Equator for the last time. I think you are being a bit optimistic on the days...... I have to be.....
Taking our rubbish with us we had our best look at the top of the mast of the wreck of the SS Papanui. Paul our water taxi chap of this afternoon took our old oil as he has a friend that can use it.
P2160007  P2160011
We ate at Anne’s Place, sent a few emails, both enjoyed lamb shank and then Bear filled a water jug as we waited for Paul. I did a tiny bit of wave watching as the sea hit the cave to our right.
At six Paul and his trusty little steed arrived.
P2160012  P2160015
It had rained most of the day and as we neared Beez the beginnings of a rainbow.
Bear suggested that as it was a dull and rainy evening we could leave on the morrow. I knew we would roll all night so I preferred to get going. By the time we left our buoy at 18:40 the rainbow was just being joined by a second one to the left. We took this as a harbinger of ‘Good Luck” and off we went.
                     OUR LAST AND LONGEST HOP