To Kushiro

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 21 Oct 2017 22:57
To Kushiro, Our Final Stop on Hokkaido
F to K  f to k train
Today was a journey of about 140 miles – however, we had to make a short train journey, a bus to fill in where the landslide had happened and a train to finish. Looks like we follow the road then. We left our digs at 11:15 and landed at 16:00.
IMG_6500  IMG_6504
The scenery began with natural beauty.
IMG_6508  IMG_6509  IMG_6512
We transferred to a very swish bus, good roads to first stop.
“I’m on a bridge to nowhere, come on inside.....”
A couple of years ago a landslide caused havoc and the repairs are still underway.
IMG_6517  IMG_6518
A bit of countryside before a once carefully owned, sad station.
Wow to the colours of autumn.
IMG_6519  IMG_6520
Pines along the way.
IMG_6523  IMG_6526
Wind displacement fences and snow holders – so alien to us.
IMG_6530  IMG_6531
We left our bus in Shintoku.
A good lookin’ gal looks after the town.
IMG_6537  IMG_6538
We waited quietly at Shintoku Station.
IMG_6539  IMG_6540
Definitely got the hang of the vending machines.
IMG_6545  IMG_6546
Not sure in spaghetti, but, thoughtfully things appear in English.
IMG_6548  IMG_6552
Enjoying Beez coloured hoppers as a funny looking gal comes to take us on our journey.
IMG_6553  IMG_6564  IMG_6557
We alternate between coast and main road – a very grey looking business.
IMG_6567  IMG_6573
A church called Grace and a bonny welcome.
Bear likes this picture as he thinks it makes our cases look small.
IMG_6574  IMG_6575
We follow technology to our new digs.
IMG_6577  IMG_6580
As we walked into our room the television sprang to life, I left Bear trying for English, then giving up and trying for the internet code. While he was attempting to saddle the beast, I went to check out the en suite.

IMG_6578  IMG_6579

Like our last digs it is a big step up into what felt like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Snug came to mind with the tap in the sink doubling up as the bath filler – yet another first for me. Yes, I called, the toilet is a gadget one, I’ll set the seat to hot, this has become a new pink job on my list.......Later, I found the bath to be incredibly deep, nearly to my shoulders but knees up under my chin. Getting out was a real laugh.
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