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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 24 Jul 2015 22:57
Big Bear Goes to School – I Have a Sick Note
Bear thought he was doing me a favour first thing this morning by filleting his own paw paw........... The peeling, scraping, cutting and potting went well, then came the picking up of the flexi-board to deliver the pips and skin to the rubbish bag just outside. He hit the top step and there was an explosion – note lumps settled on the top bar and the decorative pips..........lots of scooping accompanied by certain words and lots of muttering. What. Nothing dear.
My day began with two paracetamol, a Sudafed, an anti-histamine and rounded off with an old Tune to suck. Yesterday one of the ladies who visited us while we were learning to weave with grandma had settled close to me, sneezed and as I turned to say bless you, I felt that ever so fine mist landing on me. All was well until I tried to open my eyes and lift my head off the pillow. Totally blocked up, sore throat and thumping head. Great, just what I needed. How a nose can be cemented shut and still drip amazes me. I snorkelled my way through breakfast and sat quietly as Bear took himself to school.
Just as well I didn’t go ashore as the wheezing began in earnest, every cold I get these days quickly goes to bronchitis. My new moniker is Park Bench Pepe or PBP for short, all I need is the dodgy old coat and the bench and I fit the part perfectly.
Junior and pre-school, Fulanga.
When Bear, Maj and Steve arrived at school, the little ones were painting.
Some of the older children were taking a test.
IMG_5890  IMG_5891
Bear doing the actions to a song - much to the amazement of the children.
The first years posed for a picture.
On leaving school Bear liked this door, don’t ask I didn’t.
The woodcarver who lives at the edge of the village displayed his fine wares.
Today the pandanus grass grows, next month it may be a mat.
IMG_2018  IMG_2019
Bear came home with a gift from grandma to me. What a stunning handbag. Each of the main pieces of pandanus grass had been split into six after the base had been formed. A true work of art from the tiny fingers of such an elderly lady. I was truly touched.
IMG_2020  IMG_2022  IMG_2021
The intricate weave of the decorative black strands. The inside is lined and the handles are neatly finished. I shall carry it with pride.
IMG_2025  IMG_2027  IMG_2026 
Bear’s gift from the family was this rather handsome dolphin, I do like the way the carvers look at a piece of wood and determine what they will make according to the grain, colour and swirls within the piece.
IMG_2367  IMG_2366  IMG_2368
When Bear first got home he had found me busily creating a folder of information about the Yasawa Group of islands. Laying in bed is no use as I drown and wheeze too much. No good sitting doing nothing, so out came the coloured pencils and soon reefs became orange and dry land became green. The attractive part was a tissue shoved up each beak hole, very fetching I have to admit, but not to become a fashion statement methinks. I had just about finished all the little chartlets, added them to our folder from south to north, added anchorages in yellow, written side notes and was about to begin the bigger ones. Rather chuffed considering how rough I felt, time passed quickly though.
IMG_2372  IMG_2371
After Bear had eaten his packed lunch roti personally attended to by grandma, he assisted me by riding the green pencil and I trotted on the orange. Soon all seven big maps were done. Over the next few days the wind howled and it was really cold. I struggled on as PBP - nose now in hot competition with Rudolf.
IMG_1994  IMG_1995
One morning I even got my very own modest egg event. Only ‘cos you’re poorly. On the other side of the table, one of Bear’s eggs was indeed a masterpiece. He did a few chores each day and then wiled away the afternoons with the sick one playing backgammon and Mexican train dominoes. One very amusing game went like this. Bear had nineteen tiles at the end of the twelves' and had an immediate deficit of 233. The very first game. On the tens’ he was left with eighteen tiles and was hit for 187 and we both lost after his dodgily placed double two couldn’t be answered, I got whacked for 101 but Bear felt the need to gracefully admit to 136. Ending the round of four with 556, not bad considering he won the elevens’.............. Shocking, truly shocking and no surprises that I lost, badly. Huh and then again Huh. Why not say it thrice and get over it. Huh.
Another game Bear was going for a personal best, the whole game had been a smooth canter through to the ones’ arriving with 62. Then disaster struck and he got left with nineteen tiles amassing 212 to lose the game with a modest noughts’ deficit. Growling, gnashing and a few bad words to growl again. Don’t get me started on Upword, I know we haven’t played much but I’ve lost all six games. But you can’t spell, beside the point. Huh and thrice Huh.