To Horn Island

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 13 Jul 2016 22:57
To Horn Island
We got up this morning for the sweetest 21.4 mile journey, our last in Australia. We have had the most incredible time, seen the most amazing creatures and found the people to be straight talking, kind and generous. We will miss their humour – similar to our own and their lack of ‘posiness’. But, a new AT-Venture awaits. First this journey and some housework, book work and prep work to be ready to leave on Friday – our favourite day to begin a passage.
Bruce and Deb  IMG_0067  End and light
Deb and Bruce (Matilda) had their picture taken by ‘the sign’ yesterday morning. Our plan was to get up at day break – tick, launch Baby Beez – negative, the chop was horrendous and the constant twenty eight knot wind was howling through the rigging and the gusts were rampant. The American yacht we had anchored near yesterday dragged badly during the night (later on the radio the skipper said he had frightened himself and the crew too, his first experience of Australia........). Sadly, all we could attempt this morning was a poor selfie (must get the hang of where to look). The ‘sign’ with Eborac Island beyond – yet another borrowed picture.
As we pulled in to the anchorage in the haze and rain yesterday afternoon, we both both noticed a flat rock near the beach. Thought nothing more of it until chatting to Bruce and Deb later on, they told us of a chap resting on said rock.
Matilda's croc
Said chap, who would credit it, we clearly should have been here yesterday. Wow.
No sooner than the anchor was up and we had cleared the Cape than the wind settled to seventeen knots and the current with us to hoof Beez along at seven and a half knots, we both heard her say “wwweeeeee”. We were soon entering Flinders Passage and looking out for the zig-zag of buoys rounding the reefs and shallow bits.
I was just admiring this lighthouse behind us when................
...............a chum, faint on the horizon appeared. Incredible to think these huge ladies can wiggle in between the reefs of the Great Barrier and spuddle along at reasonable speeds, not that much water below them.
Well marked channel.
Round the final corner and we could see the anchorage ahead.
Passing Sea Swift busy at work.
Captain Roberts at rest.
A little lady.
Then a set of lovely surprises. First, Anne, Brian and John (Hybresail) waved as they ferried across to Thursday Island. As we searched for a place to anchor amongst the fleet heads popped up to wave, cheers from Agnes and David of Gostoza Tu and waves to a great spot from Val and Richard (Kereru).
Anchored next to Kereru, many rally boats resting until the ‘big off’. A little while later Deb and Bruce (Matilda) popped by to introduce their new member of crew, Lana. Gin and Michael (Wishful Thinking) were next over for a chat. Then it was down to chores, Bear launched Baby Beez, I did the first half of the washing, Bear went off to fill the jerry jugs, I made a steak and kidney stew for the skipper, posted blogs, answered emails, Bear stayed busy until shower time and we both fell into bed shattered. More of the same on the morrow.