To Blue Lagoon

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 21 Aug 2015 22:47
To Blue Lagoon
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Bear’s first jobs this morning began with dealing with his new friend and hoist Baby Beez on the side. The first went surprisingly well with his ‘petulant petrel’ not minding one bit as Bear picked her up and put her on the stern platform, the second done, it was time to up anchor. We left Likuliku Bay and the scenery was as amazing as yesterday. During the last day or two Bear gave up fighting off my ‘flu’ and succumbed.......... He is now full of it but can still manage a smile. I had my first cold in Fulanga, got a new one on top in Suva and ‘added to’ over our road trip. Five weeks of it and no let up. The plan is to get to the Blue Lagoon and not leave until we are fully recovered. I hear you sigh – worse places to go for R+R......... I know but someone has to do it. We’ll be brave.
We soon left Waya Island behind.
To our right - we waved to local fishermen. You would think we were out in deep water, but this boat is anchored in just a few feet of water. We knew Fiji had many reefs but the extent is humungous, they’re everywhere, many unseen and uncharted.......and of course they are continually growing.
The next boat we saw waved and smiled - had a pair of jeans drying. The gap between these two islands is known locally as Manta Ray Pass, a must call in on our way south. [By the way it’s real name is Tokatokanu Passage]. Fingers crossed we can snorkel with those beautiful, graceful, gliding carpets.
Another bay we can overnight in.
Another anchorage, the original plan was to spend several days bimbling up the Yasawa Group but rest and recuperation are high on our needs just now. Oh the sneezing, coughing and sighing, dear reader, we sound like residents in an old fashioned T.B. Hospital.
Our final right turn, a beach to our right but no landing Baby Beez here, the coral extends way out and has no way in.
Straight ahead we can see our destination.
The Blue Lagoon, not very when the sun hides but we are sure it really is......We crossed the bay and anchored in the sand, thirty feet below us. To our right Red and State of Mind.
To our left the resort and the boat to the right – Sheer Tenacity.
Beez ready for a break like her crew.
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Anchored and settled, I went below to do my normal jobs – sat phone position ping, instruments off, etc. I heard a visitors’ dinghy, I went out into the sun to this sight - Brenda and Rod were taking no chances. They blame me for laying them out for a week after Musket Cove, they left there and had hobbled to anchor off Navandra and stayed in bed for a solid week. That’s a bit harsh, I thought. Oh well, after happy hour we may have to go into full isolation.
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We blew our noses, braced ourselves, went ashore and made sure we sat at the end of the table. Fantastic to see so many familiar faces, Amandla, Beez Neez, Red, Scott-Free, Sheer Tenacity, State of Mind and Zen II hugs and kisses did not occur though, we’ll save them for later. Richard from Red had a visit from a chap with very handsome eyebrows. My ‘isolated’ view from my end of the table. Sunset. Time for bed said Zebedee. No arguments from me. Goodnight.