Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 3 Oct 2011 22:49
Back to the Girl
We were quite excited to see the girl in all her glory after seven weeks, however............
Something fairly important was missing........
...........No mast, no genoa, so no sailing off then
A quick look inside to see the new batteries - not fitted
Just a few essentials came out of the overstuffed hire car
Sunday the 2nd of October. Well here we were, darkness approaching. Just for a laugh the weather in Deltaville has decided to turn from glorious summertime heat to the depths of January cold just to welcome us back. Having no batteries meant no shore power, meaning no light or heat. No nothing for it but to make up our bed get in it. This was done by getting the office mattress and where it was too narrow - stuffing the missing bits with spare pillows. Get the quilt out of hiding and put said quilt into action. Put more clothes on over what we had come back in and hunker down for the night. At least first thing in the morning we can go and pick up our beautiful new mattress. We had gone to the UK with two cases and returned with five and been to KMart, Wall Mart and others - all much needed stuff to see us through to Australia - yes but most of it your new knickers - steady, see the warning signs.
Have you ever seen anyone snap an icicle off their nose end and stab it into someone's cuticle in a vicious manner.
Bear has
Run Bear Run.
We jumped up, shook off the icicles and went for our new mattress
Monday the 3rd of October. We picked up the new mattress and as soon as we unwrapped it all was not well. Not only was it three inches too narrow, it was three inches to skinny as it was the wrong foam with the wrong covering. A hurried journey back to Dennis the mattress man (local and just along the road from the boatyard). He came to see it for himself, told us to sleep on it tonight, meanwhile he would ring the factory to get the full story. The next few days saw our old mattress delivered via UPS, new one ordered, photos of the ill-fitting one and we are hanging fire for the new, new one. Meantime many men to see the girl to talk about the lack of mast and battery saga.
The cockpit and fenders awaiting new socks when I have the room to get the sewing machine out
The office awaiting Dave, Tom and others to fit batteries (30% weaker than our old ones - so re-ordered to get new, new ones)
Lounge, with Dave leaving stage left
All the cases are hidden under the office mattress in the lounge and I think that's the sea berth but I'm not sure
The sea toilet and our bathroom
Girl with strops being applied
Girl on the go
To add insult to injury, a knock this morning evicted us off the girl whilst she was moved to get a boat out from behind her. I am way behind on a few blogs left to do from New York, all of Washington DC, most of the trip to the UK, our stop in Annapolis, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia - all this with a laptop that has gone very dodgy and randomly shuts itself down.
In summary
Bed              in the hands of Dennis
Batteries       in the hands of Sean
Mast             in the hands of Clifton
Mental health in the hands of Smirnoff