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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 8 Dec 2014 23:57
The Quest For The Dangly Wire
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Rob, born in Putney, grew up in Ramsgate - still carrying the very distinctive accent, came to tune the rigging on Friday afternoon.
Applying a new anti-chafe cover, making the girl giggle.
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Very busy and very quick. Packing his impressive tool bag.
Friday Afternoon. Meanwhile, Phil was below playing ‘check the injectors’. At the end of the day he appeared. The engine would start but the key turning wouldn’t turn it off but the engine hours was working. Mmmm. We couldn’t move off the sick dock as Nick had had to put another ailing boat in our place. Off we went in Mrs Puki to attend the ‘meet and greet’ put on by the Whangarei yachting support group. We went first to State of Mind and Rod and Brenda gave us a lift across the river to the do. Lots of speeches of welcome from a local dignitary, various companies and positive words from the lovely Laura Dekker, met last Friday at the OCC do we attended in Opua.
Back to State of Mind for the night.
Saturday. Up to a smashing breakfast produced equally by our hosts and then off to do some serious shopping. Back home to Beez with new quilt covers and Christmas meats and treats.
Sunday. Off I went to the laundry, Bear off to see the ladies in the office. Back he came with a ‘look’. He broke the news that Mo had died late Friday afternoon. The yard had closed early for all the boys to go off to their Christmas party at a local Theme Park. Somehow Mo had died falling from a zipline. All his colleagues had taken turns to revive him until the ambulance arrived and pronounced. I burst into tears. Bear in sad shock.
Monday. The day passed in a sad aura. Clearly everyone felt terrible at the loss.
Meanwhile Barry turned up to sort the story of the dangly engine wire that no-one else can figure out. One of the others had guessed it was our stop solenoid that had packed up. Barry had appeared with a replacement under his arm, still not switching off, meanwhile our original was tested to be of good stock, new one boxed up for taking back to workshop. Dangly wire finally attached and Voila = all well. We can switch on, rev up and hey presto – we can switch off. Hoorah.
Bear went to share the news with the ladies. Arrrr, there is someone on our buoy. Silly man thought he could overstay his booking not realising the wrath that can erupt from the good ladies. “All will be well by the morrow” was the firm words. Nothing more today then but to go back to our thoughts of Mo.
Tane of the Forest
Tane, Māori God of the Forest