Cristobal Arrival

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 3 Apr 2013 07:30
Final Day at Sea
BB To Christobal 119
Daybreak on our final day at sea
BB To Christobal 117
As Bear got up, I pointed to our first look at the archipelago
BB To Christobal 118
Land Ho (well just visible in the morning mist)
BB To Christobal 097
The first Order of the Day was a very special flag ceremony
BB To Christobal 102  BB To Christobal 104
Not one, but three. The flag of the Galapagos went up first, then the flag of Ecuador and lastly our quarantine flag (up until we check in).
BB To Christobal 098  BB To Christobal 099
Such a peaceful sea.
BB To Christobal 100
The teeny ripples off Beez are all we can hear.
BF To Christobal 087
Dalrimpole Rock, our cue to head left.
BB To Christobal 120
San Cristobal comes into sharper view with the Galapagos Explorer
BF To Christobal 092
Wreck Bay in sight. We’re Here – YeeeeeHaaaaaaa
BB To Christobal 124  BB To Christobal 122
We knew as soon as we passed the big girls we could anchor. The Galapagos was as close in as she could park, we could see busy barges unloading supplies.
BB 1st Time Ashore 088
We have spent one hundred and eighty seven hours and thirty minutes at sea. We averaged five point one seven eight knots per hour. We used eighty litres of diesel at a cost of around sixty pounds. We pulled in and anchored in Wreck Bay, officially called Chatham at seven thirty in the morning. Spanish name Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal, one of the islands in the GALAPAGOS mega YeeHaaa’s.
Wonderful to see the first island in the archipelago I only dreamed about and never thought I would actually arrive in. Cannot wait to explore and see the magic of the islands.
Certainly way up there on the top ten Bucket List.