Pied Hornbill

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 7 Dec 2016 23:57
Oriental Pied Hornbills Visit Their Favourite Berry Bush
A pattern seems to be forming – work all morning, eat lunch, play backgammon, finish jobs and go to the pool. Today we had a productive go at individual chores, strictly pink and blue.........At four o’clock we headed for the pool, looking up in a tree some distance off we saw a pied hornbill.
She landed in a berry bush, just behind the pool, this clearly signalled all was well and seven more swooped in from surrounding roof tops and trees.
DSCN2361  DSCN2362
In between berries they don’t mind posing – this way and that.
One wanted a ground up view.
Strolled and posed.............
......then got back to the business in hand. These fairly large birds are mostly monogamous, find a disused nest or one they have used before and once mating has happened the pair seal the cavity with a mixture of saliva, mud, fruit, droppings and tree bark, leaving only a small opening through which food may be passed in. The male forages for the female and chicks, and the female feeds the nestlings. Chicks remain inside the nest with the female for several months until there are ready to fledge.
DSCN2384  DSCN2386
                     SO CLOSE TO SUCH EXOTICA