Saints Supper

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 26 Jan 2011 23:56
Supper on the Iles des Saintes
It was time for me to get big and forgive the Saints for the "It started with a Plop" incident which saw Bear throw my passport into deep water in March 2009. I had been told by so many cruisers the the islands were "quaint", "pretty". "friendly" etc. Well maybe it was time, maybe it was being with Nimue that made the difference - but peace is upon me. Here in the sunset (the girls at the back left) I did indeed see the Saints in a different light.
Quaint, rustic, touristy, but with these / my new feelings, we thought we would celebrate with a pizza
Not before suffering watching Bear eat his starter - no comment at all, but I suffered later...............
The pizzas were vast and very cheap as what was left over fed us the next day
Time to go home, the boys lead the way. Bear sits on the side to steady Excalibur (Baby Nimue) for us to get aboard
Mistress goes next - all well to begin with
Then decides to approach from a different position........
.........the bottom shuffle and feet flip
Progress whilst negotiating the fuel tank..........
Success several minutes later, but all too much for Michael
It has to be said I am no better. I look like Bambi on ice getting out, having to unfold to attain a standing position, no good if I start to laugh, and a catapulted whale on embarkation. I remember only too well falling in when Fred (Tashtego) had given me a lift in Trinidad, to laying flat out doing a dead ant at Leader Price on Martinique. Tonight I got in, cast off the rope smoothly, pushed us hard away from the quayside feeling somewhat smug, not realising Bear was still sitting on the edge. Somehow he managed to launch himself in without having to have a little swim first, no one sure how he did it.