To Cattle Pen

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 28 Jan 2012 13:52
To Cattle Pen Creek, Georgia
BF To Cattle Pen Creek 001  BF To Cattle Pen Creek 002
Beez said farewell to the big girls around her. One had been damaged in Tropical Storm Sean eighty miles off Bermuda and had hobbled in here for repairs. She has been in for two months, crew arrive tomorrow and she will ‘head out east’. We would love to know her bill. I guess think of a number and add three or four noughts.......

BF To Cattle Pen Creek 003  BF To Cattle Pen Creek 004


The big girls certainly have much ‘swabbing of decks’ done, mind you I could put this pair to good use on Beez. Steady.....

Do I get one back on you at this point -

Have you ever seen wet cloth furl round the first mates neck

Pepe has

Run Pepe, Run

Well I never, you must feel particularly brave and remember payback is a beast..........and I have a long memory.


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 005  BF To Cattle Pen Creek 007


We said ‘farewell’ to the office. We told the lads we had to go as our hips would get too big to get aboard with the wonderful doughnuts. Waved at the impressive shed and off at nine.


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 008


At the next marina, who did we see, our old mate Tattoodle, the very girl who had offered speed to Bear in the Wise Owl recovery mission.


BB To Cattle Pen Creek 006

BB To Cattle Pen Creek 010


Bear was on duty so off I went to prepare liver, bacon, onions, peas, mushrooms, gravy, swede, cauliflower and carrots for supper tonight and peeled the spuds for pot roast. Bear took this picture of the huge marina at the edge of the Isle of Hope, then he saw a little chap with a big ol’ flag.


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 013


Bear called me up as Skidaway Narrows Bridge came into view, he remembered me taking pictures of the generator ‘dangling’ from the crane on our journey north. It is of course great for traffic and boaters when these opening bridges get replaced by the sixty five foot plus permanent ones, but we can’t help feeling sorry for the tenders who lose their livelihood, a job they have done – in some cases years.


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 014


I was not disappointed, the generator was still found to be ‘dangling’, this time with a friend. What odds was it that as I snapped the picture a bug (Chrysler PT Cruiser) would be directly underneath. I so love those cars and am so glad we have seen so many out and about on our bimblings. I didn’t see it at the time, only when I downloaded the camera later on.


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 020

BF To Cattle Pen Creek 032


The bridge has had another couple of sections added since we passed through. A giant piece of concrete lay waiting on the barge, tug still in position.


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 031


One last look at the ‘danglers’ before we wend our way back out into the countryside.


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 035

BF To Cattle Pen Creek 033


It never ceases to amuse us to see what we think is a girl resting quietly in a bed of sea grass


BF To Cattle Pen Creek 036

BF To Cattle Pen Creek 037


The we round a bend and find her in a huge river, still the birds are enjoying the roost. Love her name. Dammit.


BB To Cattle Pen Creek 014  BB To Cattle Pen Creek 016


Just as I take the wheel for duty Bear tells me; the next bit I remember really well, between the next three reds is REALLY shallow, with lots of shoaling. Do you remember seeing the bumps with tufts of grass on them and how we kept getting stuck. It has now been decided that he won’t tell me in future, as the anticipation caused a bit of arrhythmia in my pulse, caused me to cross my fingers and stick my top lip to my top teeth, (a la Jim Davidson when he does an impression of a nervous person) and caused me to whack Bear with the Skipper Bob (ICW Bible). I was only trying to help. Please don’t bother, keep it to yourself. As it happens after much sighing from me I picked my way through without mishap and plenty of water beneath Beez, time for a strong one. Bear must have felt bad as he let me win all the games when we settled in Cattle Pen Creek having completed thirty six miles. The only sound we heard until sundown was the odd splash from a Pecalin and the odd fish jumping. Truly idyllic.


BB To Cattle Pen Creek 018  BB To Cattle Pen Creek 023

BB To Cattle Pen Creek 019

BB To Cattle Pen Creek 024

BB To Cattle Pen Creek 026

BB To Cattle Pen Creek 028