Great Weekend

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 1 Dec 2014 23:57
A Fine Weekend with Special Friends
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We had a nice time at the Ocean Cruising Club get together and it was quite something to meet Laura, back to Beez for a few sherbets, then Chris and Steve settled on Beez, we settled in the office. After a nice lay-in and an unhealthy fry-up it was fun to watch the two men. Get any captains together and blue jobs are always chewed over. This morning was the solar panel/charger/balance business. The day shot by in seconds.
Rod and Mary organised us to be at our boatyard BBQ at five and there we were. After our first meal and a sneaky bar of chocolate magically produced by Mary, the sun went in and the chippy night air took us all back to Beez. Mary is seen having to make things up with Nemo. Somehow he had connected with her rear end and ended not only a bit squadged but heartily and emotionally wounded. Note dog has leapt up on the shelf well out of harms way......... Good fun watching the making up process and the promises from Mary not to use Nemo or any of the boys as a cushion ever again. Peace reigned once more.
Proper pose – Rod, Bear, Steve, Chris and Mary with the happy Nemo.......
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Sunday morning. What better way to start the day than with dippy eggs and Marmite toast – hold the Marmite, yuk. Oh really, some people. How anyone can profess to hating the sticky black heaven but also purports to loving’s the same stuff. No it’s very different......... Anyhoooo true to Bear, he didn’t fail with an egg event. The only one, seven perfect. Meant to be, meant to be.
Once again the day flew by in seconds. Rod and Brenda popped in and we all trooped up to the yacht club. Rod and Mary were already in place and we were soon joined by Fran and Richard – Red Boat, last seen here last year. Al – Irie II, his brother Phil – Silhouette, both just arrived in, last seen in Bora Bora just heading off to Hawaii. There was a lady singing and the atmosphere was really good.
The highlight of the weekend just had to be when Beds, Bernie and Claude shot out of the office at the chance to meet the special mascot of Scott-Free...............
The Boys meet Chocolate Moose.
Today our weekend continued. After a day full of pre-launch jobs we were invited to a delicious roast chicken supper on Sheer Tenacity, she was in on the yard slip for the fitting of her new staysail furler. Very smart she is looking, very seaworthy. Mary has done a sterling job with her new canvas covers and we road-tested the conservatory, marvellous. Rod had a blue list just as long as Bear. We were supposed to teach backgammon but as always get boaties together and soon it was time to wend our way home. Sheer Tenacity is off to her buoy on the morrow and in a couple of days she is off to the islands for a holiday – jealous Grrrrrr Grrrrrr indeed. 
                     GREAT FUN, GREAT FRIENDS