To Buca Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 26 Jun 2015 22:57
To Buca Bay via Kioa Island
Our planned route.
We had a leisurely morning and set off at a quarter to one, we were leaving Viani Bay at the top of the tide to meet slack water as we went between Vanau Levu and Taveuni islands to anchor off the main village on Kioa Island ten miles away.
As we ducked out of the shelter of Viani and looked across to Taveuni the sky looked ‘full of it’.
As we approached the wind turned and was blowing over twenty knots, at anchor we would be back to Kioa Island. Not knowing what the holding was like or if the wind would get stronger over night Scott-Free and Beez Neez decided to take shelter in Buca Bay back on Vanau Levu. A shame, but we were only venturing six miles away and felt it better to retry our ‘looked forward to’ visit in the morning.
IMG_3740  IMG_3737
The marker post on our chart plotter, although unlit was proudly showing the edge of the reef.
Once more in the main channel we heard the school bus pass, the children squealing and laughing as they caught a wave.
IMG_3745  IMG_3742
The driver called “Beez Neez”, the children waved and laughed as did a pleasure craft. All home soaked methinks.
All quiet as we picked our spots, the only two boats in Buca Bay – pronounced Botha.
The six mile journey from Kioa to Buca we could happily take on in the pitch dark. Deep water all the way and you can pick any depth you want to anchor - solidly in the thick muddy bottom. Bear fancied eight metres and we were all settled by four o’clock. The high sides act as a very effective wind break.
The plan on the morrow is to try for Kioa Island and if we have to divert, head to Katherine Bay on Rabi Island.
A fisherman slowly making his way home.
Looking out to sea it’s hard to believe it’s blowing a hoolie out there.
                     A VERY SHELTERED BAY