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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 9 Jan 2017 23:47
New Taps and a Fun Time in Home Pro and Macro........
IMG_0984  IMG_0985  IMG_0983
We hire a car from the laundry here at Yacht Haven Marina, posh compared to Mr Din in Langkawi, in fact twice the price at twenty pounds and unlike Mr Din they needed some sort of identification, Bear wrote his Passport number down which in hindsight could have been anyone’s as he physically didn’t show it. Off we went in the posh but dented steed. Straight down the main road it was easy to fine Home Pro which made B&Q at Derriford look quite small. Bear went in search of a bit of pipe and I took in everything and the kitchen sink, I knew I was in Thailand when it came to the candles................ I have never seen so many staff on hand, bimbling through tens of them and reassuring them all that I was here just to look. “You look look happy, missy.”
IMG_0987  IMG_0988
I took in the multi-coloured stove tops but baulked at the crimson one with trees.
IMG_0990  IMG_0991
I bimbled to tiles, always a favourite of mine and I might get success with the quadrants I’m after for the bathroom. Well, not sure whether I can colour myself happy when it comes to camo garden tiles or the several different sorts of grass....................... The blue numbers behind the dressing table could be quite scary if you wake on a moonlit night.......................
IMG_0992  IMG_0993
Cartoon tiles by the score.
Some of the diddy glass tiles were certainly eye-watering in colour combination.
Koi carp I was not surprised to see but VW camper vans and minis.........
A forest walk, swans and wild horses were not a bit Thai......Bear found me, pipe in hand. I’ve seen taps. I follow.
Oooo new taps for the kitchen, I should be successful with four rows like this to choose from. Bear found a real little cutie but there was just the one. I went in search of a lady to help.
IMG_0997  IMG_0999  IMG_1002
The lady soon returned with a crane and another lady to press the buttons. Up she went chatting along the way. Thai will never become easy but I managed to say Khob Khun Kaa (sounds like carp poon car or thank you), Bear has to say Khob Khun Kup as Thai comes in male and female......... Two taps in hand we withdraw to the till. Time to hit Macro.
En route I decline the need to take a chandelier cleaner home to Beez............
Macro is just on the opposite side of the carriageway and soon we were parked and handed a tiny slip of paper – our visitors slip. No photography allowed in this giant of a shop. More vegetables and fruits than we know what to do with. The fish department complete with swimming choices, crawling and filleted. The meat freezers from a chicken liver to half a cow and the fresh – don a provided glove and dig in. We couldn’t buy beer until after five so that was out but Bear did find me the little pots of bacon bits I so love to sprinkle on my salad. A cart load and so many laughs at some of the odd stuff we saw, hand over our temporary visitors slip at the checkout and hand over cash (ATM handily placed by the door). Just as we got back to the marina the heavens opened but a nice young man arrived on a motorbike with side car basket and all was loaded. Bear sat side-saddle and went off to get wet to the knickers. I collected the laundry (too wet out for me to get big bits dry before Alex’ arrival). I wait for a golf cart but still manage to be quite wet by the time I get indoors.
We put everything away as fast as possible, get changed and head out for the airport.
Home Pro’s own shrine.
                     AMAZINGLY WESTERNISED